Citibike Share Displaces Local Residents

We are trying to keep Citibike from just taking our Bike Rack with almost no notice!!
Hope this interests you…














I would like to create awareness to the following unacceptable situation.

As you know The City Bike Share Program have been placing their racks throughout the city over the last few weeks.
A great program with many perspectives for New York CIty.
Until the fact that they decided to use a place that has already an existing bike rack that is being used by active bike riders,
all Gateway Plaza tenants. The rack is located at the North Wall of the 395 South End Ave building. Not official Gateway Plaza property.
We have been told, see attached photo, that we need to remove our bikes within this week. to other bike racks on gateway Plaza property, that are all full(.See picture)
Or, as discussed at the Community Board meeting,  that their will be new rack build on Gateway property.
It turns out that Gateway Plaza management is NOT creating a new rack since there is no room for additional racks on the property.

We are all outraged by the fact that they just take our rack while there is plenty of room throughout the city where they can place theirs.
And that there was false information being told that there will be a replacement rack build.

Would you be so  kind to pitch this story , and hopefully cover it to support the keeping of the rack for long term community members?

Gateway Tenant and Cycling Advocate. You can send them a message on Citi Bikes

thank you so much for your time.

New Cargo Bike Article Pops Up!

Here’s a new Cargo Bike Article with video of me riding in NYC streets.I posted the translation – but to see video click the LINK!


Bicycles and tricycles adapted gaining ground in the United States

Families are leaving the car in the garage and using bicycles and tricycles around the local transport that can be done pedaling.

Spot Orlando Jorge Moreira andNew York, USA

In the United States, a kind of cheap and free shipping pollution is gaining space on the streets. Bicycles and tricycles are adapted to carry everything.

“It is a cultural revolution.” So the filmmaker Liz Canning describes what she calls the explosion load of bikes.

Meet the project Liz Canning, ‘More Less Car Go’

In many places in the United States, especially on the Pacific coast, families are leaving the car in the garage and using bicycles and tricycles stepped up to take the kids to school, shopping and even changes, all local transport that can be done pedaling. In general with a little help of electric motors, to climb slopes.

The exercise is good for health, for children is a binge, and the planet thanks: less pollution. Liz is making a documentary about the adoption of cargo bikes, using the internet to receive donations and videos I’ve ever joined.

It is a market that is already worth $ 6 billion per year in the United States. Almost all cargo bikes are imported from Europe, where they are much more used. The only plant these special vehicles in the United States is in New York. The Worksman was founded 115 years ago and produces ten thousand bicycles cargo per year.

In the 20s of last century, the Worksman was a very small company when it was commissioned to do tricycles. The client was the manufacturer of a new brand of ice cream, Good Humor, and the idea was to sell ice cream on the streets using tricycles. The fad caught on, and soon the United States were taken by an army of ice cream pedaling down the street.

Wayne Sosin, factory owner, shows all stages of assembly of the tricycles. Many components are imported from China, as the reinforced hoops required for vehicles capable of carrying hundreds of pounds. The parts are welded, painted and assembled.

Tricycles are heavy, slow, not very pretty, but they serve well the main function: replace vans and trucks on local transport small loads. The price is affordable: the cheapest is $ 800.

On the streets of New York found Shelly Mossey, who deliver pedaling. It loads up to 300 pounds. Shelly works alone and is a pioneer, but are already emerging cooperatives cargo bikes in New York. It’s the future, a cultural revolution.

Tandem Tandems for Sale

The Bilenky is $1995.
The Santana is selling for $499. iTs upside Down just click on it,it will be right!

And Bianchi Track Bike

Both Tandems are 52cm

They are located on the north shore of Long Island near Oyster Bay.

No Fair-ing! Its mine!!

Rockaways Nov 17 2012-Hurricane Sandy




Rockaway Disaster Relief

I joined Times Up for their disaster relief ride on Saturday.Was a very effective way to get supplies out there being that traffic was backed up for miles! It’s still a very bad situation in the Rockaways but people seem to be coping very well and where very happy about our efforts!

Today I am going to get more supplies out to Staten Island!

Rockways need help from the whole country!



Amazon right to Rockaways..

This is from my friend Jackie Junttonen who I delivered supplies to in SI;

Please take a moment to read and offer help if you can (this message is from a close friend, Marina Tsaplina via Abbey Hurtz)

We just got back from a day helping in the Rockaways with Burke Veronica and Contessa….It is crazy there. Everyone is just so cold and so hungry and so tired of canned food and snacks.

Babies are really suffering the most. There is no way to heat a bottle so they have to deal with cold formula, when there is even formula and bottled water available. They all have the wrong size diapers because only certain sizes can be found and it’s not like they can communicate back and forth to get right sizes. Today we pumped water out of the basement for a mom that had one month old twin premature babies that desperately need to be on a nebulizer several times a day. But there’s no power, no hospital, and no clinic. Her babies’ lungs sound awful. I found a few infant diapers for her and HoY gang brought over some formula that will last them 24 hrs or so for two newborns. They also have twin 2 year olds next door, their cousins. They were drinking the last of their vitamin D milk that was already starting to go off and crying because they were hungry. It is just heartbreaking. Women also need tampons and pads. No one is thinking to donate them much yet, and women need these things!! Especially with no hot showers!! Everyone needs blankets. They are so cold at night. Everyone needs extra flashlights and batteries. And everyone is VERY appreciative of hot food. I am PISSED that so many people in Brooklyn are going about their business as usual (especially the ones that don’t have day jobs or families!!!), going to the bar drinking, and complaining about STUPID sh%t when there is real suffering going on. Another family we helped pump the water from their basement had to throw everything away. Everyone’s cars are trashed. Their family heirlooms are trashed. Their furniture, baby cribs, mattresses, etc are trashed. They have no power. It is WET and DIRTY. There is no end in sight. Please donate items, money, and YOUR TIME. Helping hands willing to get dirty are so sorely need
What you can do….
Occupy Sandy and Occupy Sandy’s Wedding Registry
Shipping Address: Occupy Sandy – Brooklyn, New York
Event Date: November 15, 2012
Amazon right to Rockaways..

Eight Trailer Loads of Relief


Little movie clip made by Rod Richardson of 21st Centrist.

He was on the boat with us going to the Unitarian Church. I rounded up 7 other cyclists for a releif effort for SINY!

Can’t figure out how to connect word press with youtube

so here’s the Link…



Relief for Staten Island

We mobilized and delivered eight bicycle trailer loads of supplies to the Unitarian Church in Staten Island.

South Beach was my favorite new getaway from weekends in Manhattan its probably gone now its also the last thing I blogged before this!

Here are some photos of our efforts…Thanks to all that joined me!

If any of you are in Manhattan you may be able to join us tomorrow Sunday Nov 3, all you need is a bike and trailer!

Just find “Shelly Mossey” on Face Book for info!

Impressed Yet?

I was out riding getting ready to enter Central Park and Bazzingah!

Even I was impressed buy a real aircraft mounted on two columns spinning around at 59th Street and 5th Ave!

Cargo Xtreme-Not so Small Haul

Good to have friends that are as nutty as I am. After seeing this monster set up out on the road I just had to set up an Alliance with Aqueduct Logistics…

Another happy cargo biker!

What a rig,this guys not messin around!

Dream Machine,this guy has a great imagination!

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