Small Haul NYC

Made in the Shade


It may be hot, hot, hot in the Baked Apple today, but this cool rig keeps me out of the sun.

NYC Scenes from Small Haul Green Trucking

NYC Scenes

Grainy West Street NYC

Hope I don’t see any more snow for the next 10 months!

On my way to Brooklyn that little windshield is great rain gear. I’d never ride in winter without it! Brooklyn Soaking!

Picking up Baby Supplies in the Cargo Caboose! 25th St & 7th Ave NYC

One of my BIKE fanatic neighbors NYC apartment. Bikes in the closet. How many bikes do you have in yours?



Small Haul NYC

Small Haul NYC

Downtown Express Article…


From the Downtown Express…

Mossey capitalized on a seven-month unemployment stretch to create a blog that last summer catapulted into a successful one-man business. The messenger, born and raised on the Lower East Side and in the delivery business for 25 years, transports groceries and home improvement goods to residents’ doors via cargo bike a converted Pedi cab that can haul two to three hundred pounds at a time.

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Downtown Express Article
Small Haul NYC
Urban Mobility Project offers Cargo Bike Delivery for NYC

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