Small Haul NYC

Before and After

Messenger for Can Carriers NYC in the 70's




RUSH ing into Manhattan as caught by Humans of New York 2013

Organic Engines Trike STOLEN!!!

Unbelievable that a bike thief would steal this almost one of a kind Trike!

If any of you see it please contact me through this website. The amazing thing is that the buildings with surveillance are just to lazy to even look at tapes!!!

There’s one other one in has a disc brake on the front ,mine does not!!

I had converted it back to pedicab so it had seat on it.

If it shows up anywhere please contact me








Valentines Day Cards Same Day Delivery in Manhattan,NYC


Valentines Day Cards Same Day Delivery in Manhattan

Small Haul NYC Cargo Bike Service based in Battery Park City is teaming up with local artist…

Two local Battery Park City merchants team up to get these unique handmade Valentines Day cards to you quick. We’re offering same day delivery via Small Haul NYC Cargo Bike Service(in any weather) from Battery Park to 72nd Street for just 10 Buck’s!

We  also offer Special Delivery , One Hour service  in most areas for all you last minute shoppers, call 917 295 1954  for pricing!


Order through the site or call me 917 295 1954!

Areas we’ll deliver your Valentines Cards to….

Financial District
Chinatown / Lit Italy
East Village
Financial District
Greenwich Village
Lower East Side
Midtown East
Midtown West
Murray Hill
Nolita / Bowery
Union Square
Upper East Side
Upper West Side
West Village


Support local Eco Friendly Business!

Cargo Xtreme-Not so Small Haul

Good to have friends that are as nutty as I am. After seeing this monster set up out on the road I just had to set up an Alliance with Aqueduct Logistics…

Another happy cargo biker!

What a rig,this guys not messin around!

Dream Machine,this guy has a great imagination!

Kickstart Spin/Small Haul NYC

Just a great stretch of weather the last two weeks…Here are some NYC scenes I caught got while you were at work!

OWS Cowboy

CNN carrying a bicycle with them at OWS








Marathon runners enjoy the view











Peace and Quiet almost










Runners were all over downtown sporting their Marathon Medals. I asked the group sitting on the bench(above) how they liked Running NYC for the day. Seems they are not that fond of entering Manhattan….  Brooklyn is King!

I totally understand why!


One of my happy customers…..Puro Chile

One year anniversary

Puro Chile Participates in Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar

Although this isn’t the actual pod used in the rescue was still exciting to see it at

Puro Chile

221 Center Street,



Camilla will be happy to help you! She also invited me to get into the pod for a picture, just in to big of a hurry!











Good use of a car in NYC





























Midtown traffic continues to be an absolute  NIGHTMARE especially on the east side. What happened to that incredible Don’t Block the Box campaign? Is it possible drivers read it WRONG and are doing the best they can to BLOCK the BOX? I sat through two GREEN lights before I was able to squezzzzze through!









Finally some Peace and quiet.

I know it may be hard to believe but the East Side Bike way is a great place to get away from it all!

Love riding the East Side Bike way


















Small Haul NYC…..Powered by Joulebody/Kickstart.

New bar from Joulebody Soul Kitchen

Good luck Yvette!

Brownie Power














Under Cover

Small Haul NYC – Under Cover… Bent riders in NYC come down and give the Ragtop a try.

Really makes riding in the rain much less of a challenge!




























Nice and Cozy!

Call the number on the rear of box to reach Small Haul NYC @ the Urban Mobility Project!

Come with your bent and take the Ragtop for a spin!

You can purchase your Ragtop right here!


For the Slightly Bent

I finally installed my Ragtop Canopy on the Urban Brute the recumbent trike that I use for Small Haul NYC cargo bike service in lower Manhattan. I was able to install the Ragtop in high winds and driving rain by myself. It took about 15 minutes to get it all lashed down and ready to go.









I was really happy to have finally installed it on the Urban Brute, yet a little weary about going out in the really stormy weather that we often get in Battery Park City, but it held up really well.

I can highly recommend this product for any of you that are slightly bent. With the addition of a front fairing you should be able to ride in anything Mother Nature dishes out!

If you’d like to give one a test ride on your own bike, by appointment, come down with your Bent and I’ll install it for you! Use it for a couple hours and see how you like it.









You can purchase the Ragtop Canopy right here on our website!









Oh yeah… BTW

If you’re in Downtown Manhattan and are in need of a local delivery feel free to contact Small Haul NYC through this website as well!

Scenes from Small Haul NYC


Sunday night Kickstart…

5th Avenue, all clear for a change!



Found myself on the east side of Manhattan, not quite as bike friendly as the west especially with the UN in session!



Why are there bikes in the Ferrari Showroom?


Is Ferrari having trouble selling cars?




Traffic on Church Street is off the meter!

Even downtown is tight





Don’t even think of driving between East 34th and 59th Streets-You’ll be very sorry!

Police bikes line South Street



Protest on Wall Street


Ugliest cargo I've ever seen


Nice looking hotel on East 61st street

Nice Porch

What a surprise, kinda out of place














Very exciting city, still love and hate it!

Bike Boat Bike Boat Bridge Boat

Small Haul NYC had a really FUN week with lots of miles…

Joulebody Kickstart…………………………………………………………………. goes a long way!

Last Wednesday I delivered JB cleanses to Jersey City and Long Island City with a delivery to West 73rd Street mixed in, that made it a great ride! I ferried to Jersey City, back up the bike way to west 73rd through Central Park and over the Queensboro Bridge(sorry Ed) to L.I.C.

New bikeway at Queenboro Plaza

I dreamed about this 20 years ago!











The L.I.C. delivery was right by the East River Ferry so I thought why not give the ferry a try.

All secured in the rack






They took my long bike and trailer no problem, all I needed to do was unhitch the trailer, about a 30 second operation. The crew was really great and even helped!

I was thrilled to pay just $5.00 to get back to Pier 11 at Wall Street with stops at Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Dumbo!

Pulling into Greenpoint

The city by boat is very exciting and just a great way to travel, worth every penny. It also opens up  an amazing amount of possibilities for family cycling through the boroughs. All the ferry stops have bike way connections!

Next stop Wall Street










I love taking ferry’s, check out my Ride to Martha’s Vineyard



I also found myself going through Times Square,  I do my best to avoid it but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Here’s something amazing ,

See anything unusual?

check this out….





Is this a first?








Just the worst …

I had a delivery to a 3 year old in NYU Hospital and popped the original balloon – I almost started crying! I called my wife to locate another Hello Kitty balloon. We found one right where I was so I went and bought it, when it was blown up I noticed it said “Happy Birthday”… they were good enough to modify it for me.

New Balloons

I raced to the  hospital to find out they don’t allow balloons in pediatrics!

The big one had a singing chip, it drove me freekin nuts. Every time it hit my head the singing started!






I finally had some down time so I took some friends out on the road for a short family ride to The Frying Pan…..

Following close to mom

Sporting new fllag

Happy baby girl

Mom on the road

Wide Load

Had a couple of problems getting to Brooklyn yesterday. The bike lane on the north side of the Manhattan Bridge is closed so I had to use the south side. When I got to the south side the barriers were just too close together to fit through. I refused to go and swap for my trailer. So I very calmly flipped the Urban Brute on its side and with the help of another cyclist was able to slide it through the barriers!

Having a nice easy ride over the bridge

As I was heading down the bridge I realized it must be the same on the other side. So I prepared myself to take the box off and flip it again.

Glad I'm not wedged in!

NYC Cyclists are pretty funny, some of them told me I shouldn’t park there as they made the turn to get on the bridge! I decided to return on the Williamsburg Bridge. When I got there a construction crew had barriers on that bike lane as well, unreal! They were good enough to move everything so I could fit through and finally get back to Manhattan!

Rough day!

Finally able to get going

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