NYC Scenes

Bike Boat Bike Boat Bridge Boat

Small Haul NYC had a really FUN week with lots of miles…

Joulebody Kickstart…………………………………………………………………. goes a long way!

Last Wednesday I delivered JB cleanses to Jersey City and Long Island City with a delivery to West 73rd Street mixed in, that made it a great ride! I ferried to Jersey City, back up the bike way to west 73rd through Central Park and over the Queensboro Bridge(sorry Ed) to L.I.C.

New bikeway at Queenboro Plaza

I dreamed about this 20 years ago!











The L.I.C. delivery was right by the East River Ferry so I thought why not give the ferry a try.

All secured in the rack






They took my long bike and trailer no problem, all I needed to do was unhitch the trailer, about a 30 second operation. The crew was really great and even helped!

I was thrilled to pay just $5.00 to get back to Pier 11 at Wall Street with stops at Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Dumbo!

Pulling into Greenpoint

The city by boat is very exciting and just a great way to travel, worth every penny. It also opens up  an amazing amount of possibilities for family cycling through the boroughs. All the ferry stops have bike way connections!

Next stop Wall Street










I love taking ferry’s, check out my Ride to Martha’s Vineyard



I also found myself going through Times Square,  I do my best to avoid it but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Here’s something amazing ,

See anything unusual?

check this out….





Is this a first?








Just the worst …

I had a delivery to a 3 year old in NYU Hospital and popped the original balloon – I almost started crying! I called my wife to locate another Hello Kitty balloon. We found one right where I was so I went and bought it, when it was blown up I noticed it said “Happy Birthday”… they were good enough to modify it for me.

New Balloons

I raced to the  hospital to find out they don’t allow balloons in pediatrics!

The big one had a singing chip, it drove me freekin nuts. Every time it hit my head the singing started!






I finally had some down time so I took some friends out on the road for a short family ride to The Frying Pan…..

Following close to mom

Sporting new fllag

Happy baby girl

Mom on the road

2 a Breast Please

Wow, Going to Brooklyn almost every Sunday night for Joulebody Kickstart. The Williamsburg Bridge is getting better and better I always find lots of fun stuff to see!!

Whats he lookin at?

This is defiantly better than the High Line!

Made in the Shade


It may be hot, hot, hot in the Baked Apple today, but this cool rig keeps me out of the sun.

Beat the NYC Heat!

Staying Cool @ 42nd Street Pier, NYC

On my way back from 110th Street I stopped for a quick refresher at the 42nd Street Pier!

Don’t even know how hot it was. I was out all afternoon and felt pretty good after stopping for a spritz at Central Park and the 42nd Street Pier. I asked a tourist if she’d take this fabulous photo, not bad, eh!

As you can see, I didn’t even bother to take off my helmet!

Thought about how nice it was this winter and had to re-post this photo. Not sure which is easier to deal with extreme Hot or Cold?

Art for Everyone

Art is cool!

Williamsburg Bridge is better than the High Line.


Always interesting on the Williamsburg Bridge

He says he's going around the world too!

Swanky Williamsburg!

I used to be a garbage dump!

Security Camera with graphic's ?

Its caged in!


Good Sign from Frankly Wines Tribeca

Take the edge off…

Fine Wine. No Attitude

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.

Our selection skews towards the Southern Hemisphere, but you’ll also find wines from most other major (and minor) regions of the world. And you can be sure every bottle represents great value – when you sell less than 200 wines, they all have to be good!

Search or browse our wine selection or select a link to our featured wines or rotating three packs.

frankly wine

Small Haul NYC will get it to you in the nick of time…

Top Ten cases on the flatbed!

Urban Mobility Project offers Cargo Bike Delivery for NYC

Small Haul NYC
Supporting Local Business!

NYC Scenes from Small Haul Green Trucking

NYC Scenes

Grainy West Street NYC

Hope I don’t see any more snow for the next 10 months!

On my way to Brooklyn that little windshield is great rain gear. I’d never ride in winter without it! Brooklyn Soaking!

Picking up Baby Supplies in the Cargo Caboose! 25th St & 7th Ave NYC

One of my BIKE fanatic neighbors NYC apartment. Bikes in the closet. How many bikes do you have in yours?



Nice Quads! AdBikes NYC / Urban Billboard Media Mobility


Outdoor Mobile Billboards 
New York City
Green Outdoors
Mobile Marketing Eco-Solutions
My QuadraCycle  Adbikes
In the Media!
Rebecca takes a call from Dale Jr.
Listening to  The Boss
Jersey Shore
Kids for Kids
Nice Hats
Kids on the Promenade
Not sure if this is legal?
Metalica Concert
Borough Pres Marty and Jason get the word out!
Gowanus Goes Green
Born to Run
Jersey Shore
Dave and Busters
Times Sq ,NYC 
No place like it!
Thats his car in the background!
Jacks Discount Stores
New Yorkers really love getting Discounts
Oh Behave!
Nautica ,Bryant Park
Lord and Taylor
Look at those Quads!
These Pedicabs are so cool, sometimes when parked people would get in and take pictures  of themselves sitting!
Electric Hybrid Pedicabs
I haven’t even gotten into my AdBike experience yet. These are just some of the campaigns I’ve done.
These Quads really draw an amazing of attention and are a great form of outdoor media!
Stay in shape with Pedal Powered Promotions.
Rubber -Necking Guaranteed
Love riding these machines!
One for Jasmina
Isabel Campaigns for her best friend
I heard the story about Jasmina a local 6 year old stricken with leukemia from a friend that lives in in my building. I wanted to help in some way. I thought it would be a great idea to get the word out with my AdBikes. So here we are Isabel ,her mom ,me and the adriders.We passed out leaflets and danced in the street to the special music that was recorded just for Jasmina! We were thrilled to let all of Harlem know about the drive at the Harlem Children’s Zone.
She finally got a donor but lost her battle on January 27, 2010
Jasmina Anema, 6,  died on Wed, Jan 27, 2010. Jasmina Anema,
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