Cool Bikes

Great Weather for a Ride

Pedestrian safety monitors on Brooklyn Bridge?

These couple of days have brought everyone out on the bikeway. From cargo bikers to the physically challenged!

You can take your family anywhere with the right cycle!

They figured out how to get out on bikes – Great set-up!

Look inside the trailer!

Hand-Cyclists on their way, cool Trikes...Central Park - NYC

Friends from Nahant, MA – on the EZ Tandem in Central Park


Even though I was out with friends and family I just couldn’t resist snapping some photos!

Thrilled MS rider completes 15 mile ride on our EZ3 Trike.


















Everyone getting along - Times Square - NYC



Advertising on Cycles

Caught this Vita Coco Media Truck in midtown….I really liked the wrap job.

Very Nice Wrap


















I think these Media Cycles stand up very nicely to the truck wrap and they’re much more Urban Friendly!

A little creativity can go a long way

Recumbent Rag Tops

One of our first partners, Recumbent Rag Tops recently sent us one of their products to use.

It took about one hour to open the package and assemble up in the apartment.

Then downstairs for the actual install. That took a mere 30 minutes to complete. Within minutes of done I was road testing.

Thanks Mel

World Tour

World Tour Pass on the Frog Tandem the Hudson River Bikeway

When they passed I thought it was the bike from Take a Seat the popular show on the Universal Sports Channel.

Of course I jumped on my bike and caught up to see who, what, where…

A couple from France, Angelique & Lionel starting their World Tour in NYC! This was their last ride in NYC before hitting the road, they were on the way to see the Statue of Liberty one more time before exiting Manhattan, not that easy with this rig. Of course I wanted to help as much as I could. Only Angelique spoke English so I pulled them over to look at maps and show them the way to the George Washington Bridge. Realizing it would be a major headache for them to cross the GW with the hairpin turns on the ramp and around the towers. They’d have to disconnect the trailer and walk around each turn. They also planned to go around the bottom of Manhattan and enjoy a trip to the GW on the east side bikeway, NOT!  I also knew they would have lots of problems exiting the west side bikeway with the insane killer hills and bridge that crosses the Henry Hudson Parkway at the north end!

Practicing unloading for the GW Bridge

I hope I convinced them to take NY Waterways Ferry to Weehawken and ride north to RT 9W and on to Niagara Falls.

They plan on being on the road for three years! We exchanged info and I wished them a great trip.

You can follow them at their blog here… FrogTandem

Resting at the North Cove Marina

I  heard from them via email they are in Pine Bush, NY.

Angelique & Lionel on the Hase Pino

Checking Maps

Picnic Table Bike

Amazing what you can find if you just TRY!

Nice Quads! AdBikes NYC / Urban Billboard Media Mobility


Outdoor Mobile Billboards 
New York City
Green Outdoors
Mobile Marketing Eco-Solutions
My QuadraCycle  Adbikes
In the Media!
Rebecca takes a call from Dale Jr.
Listening to  The Boss
Jersey Shore
Kids for Kids
Nice Hats
Kids on the Promenade
Not sure if this is legal?
Metalica Concert
Borough Pres Marty and Jason get the word out!
Gowanus Goes Green
Born to Run
Jersey Shore
Dave and Busters
Times Sq ,NYC 
No place like it!
Thats his car in the background!
Jacks Discount Stores
New Yorkers really love getting Discounts
Oh Behave!
Nautica ,Bryant Park
Lord and Taylor
Look at those Quads!
These Pedicabs are so cool, sometimes when parked people would get in and take pictures  of themselves sitting!
Electric Hybrid Pedicabs
I haven’t even gotten into my AdBike experience yet. These are just some of the campaigns I’ve done.
These Quads really draw an amazing of attention and are a great form of outdoor media!
Stay in shape with Pedal Powered Promotions.
Rubber -Necking Guaranteed
Love riding these machines!
One for Jasmina
Isabel Campaigns for her best friend
I heard the story about Jasmina a local 6 year old stricken with leukemia from a friend that lives in in my building. I wanted to help in some way. I thought it would be a great idea to get the word out with my AdBikes. So here we are Isabel ,her mom ,me and the adriders.We passed out leaflets and danced in the street to the special music that was recorded just for Jasmina! We were thrilled to let all of Harlem know about the drive at the Harlem Children’s Zone.
She finally got a donor but lost her battle on January 27, 2010
Jasmina Anema, 6,  died on Wed, Jan 27, 2010. Jasmina Anema,
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