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Recumbent Bikes for sale in New York City..Craigslist

We are selling lots Recumbents in NYC for sale

Ti Rotator Pursuit / with Rotator Fairing!



XXL Goldrush


Longbikes Tandem


EZ1 Tandem

Bike Friday

Bikes are in NYC but we can ship!

Email …

Saturday Night Live Gets Bent!

Here’s one of our amazing tandems as seen on SNL’


tandeM SNL



Relaunching our amazing AdBikes at..…

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Before and After

Messenger for Can Carriers NYC in the 70's




RUSH ing into Manhattan as caught by Humans of New York 2013

Organic Engines Trike STOLEN!!!

Unbelievable that a bike thief would steal this almost one of a kind Trike!

If any of you see it please contact me through this website. The amazing thing is that the buildings with surveillance are just to lazy to even look at tapes!!!

There’s one other one in has a disc brake on the front ,mine does not!!

I had converted it back to pedicab so it had seat on it.

If it shows up anywhere please contact me








Cargo Xtreme-Not so Small Haul

Good to have friends that are as nutty as I am. After seeing this monster set up out on the road I just had to set up an Alliance with Aqueduct Logistics…

Another happy cargo biker!

What a rig,this guys not messin around!

Dream Machine,this guy has a great imagination!

Family of Cycling!

Wow, I past this family on the bike-way at west 30th street this morning.I had to turn around and get a few pictures.I don’t know where they’re  from and didn’t want to start asking a million questions,so I just took a few pictures for you guys! They were waiting and waiting and waiting to cross.

They thought there’d be a bicycle signal!

I had to rescue them

Waiting to cross the West Side Hiway



He's really checking me out!

On the way to Central Park exiting the bikeway west 30th street NYC

Mobile Media Magic LOOK2X.COM – Adbikes Roll Over NYC!


Visit us at our brand new Adbike Media website…..

Everyone always  is always happy to see us cruising around NYC streets!

click image to see it full size










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Bank of America

Bank of America



The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden





















Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz

W0W…Warm weather is back!

I actually did a couple of  delivery’s with no trailer.I decided to pop the sock, man this is just an amazing ride.

Morning Buzz

Parked ready for a bikeshop!

BodySockin down the Hudson River Bike-way is freekin awesome!









Hope they don't mind taking pics of the signs










I think I’m the only one that notices the Zip Tie Project…


Nice lookin lamp post










Zip Ties on my body sock tower

UMP Zip Tie - not to bad

For the Slightly Bent

I finally installed my Ragtop Canopy on the Urban Brute the recumbent trike that I use for Small Haul NYC cargo bike service in lower Manhattan. I was able to install the Ragtop in high winds and driving rain by myself. It took about 15 minutes to get it all lashed down and ready to go.









I was really happy to have finally installed it on the Urban Brute, yet a little weary about going out in the really stormy weather that we often get in Battery Park City, but it held up really well.

I can highly recommend this product for any of you that are slightly bent. With the addition of a front fairing you should be able to ride in anything Mother Nature dishes out!

If you’d like to give one a test ride on your own bike, by appointment, come down with your Bent and I’ll install it for you! Use it for a couple hours and see how you like it.









You can purchase the Ragtop Canopy right here on our website!









Oh yeah… BTW

If you’re in Downtown Manhattan and are in need of a local delivery feel free to contact Small Haul NYC through this website as well!

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