Small Haul NYC Cargo Bike Service
Cargo courier concepts offering small solutions to big problems!

We also deliver from New York City to Brooklyn,Queens,Staten Island and anywhere on Long Island,including Montauk and the Hamptons!

Call or Email(below) for quote!

What: Cargo/Messenger/Errand/Delivery Services

How: HPV – Human Powered Vehicle, Eco-friendly – Cargo Bike Delivery

With: The Urban Brute by Organic Engines

When: 24/7

Where: Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs

Helping to reduce the gridlock mess, pollution and noise in our communities…no fuel charges and parking worries…Small Haul NYC’s cargo truck bikes deliver for a fraction of the hassle, at a fraction of the cost.

Anywhere you need us! We’re available to transport your:

– Groceries or other purchases
– Dry cleaning
– Pets or pet supplies
– Donations to Housing Works, Goodwill or other charity
– Furniture
– Party or picnic supplies

We provide true door-to-door service, and can pick-up and deliver to places taxis, trucks and trains can’t.

No time to wait for a delivery from your favorite store? Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, IKEA, Staples, Duane Reade, J&R Electronics…you name it, we’ll fetch it for you right away!

Call us NOW at 917-295-1954!

We also accept orders for Next Day Pickup via email, phone or text.

NEW! Introducing the Cargo Concierge, exclusively available to the hotels and green residential buildings in Lower Manhattan. Available to run errands of any sort, large and small, anywhere in NYC.

Questions regarding rates or other info, please email us or call 917-295-1954. Also, visit us on Facebook.

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