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Clean, Green Deliveries…say YES!

Coquitlam business puts solar-boosted Pedi cabs in bike lanes for clean, green deliveries.

The EcoYIKE, a Pedi cab style three-wheeler modified to carry cargo and powered by three solar panels, it is saving drivers time as well as the environment.

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Province Article

Visit Slightly Bent NYC<—————need link
Recumbents for Sale!

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Boro Pres, Enjoys Recumbents!

He just loved those Ad Bikes!

Slightly Bent!

Get Bent NYC

Recumbent’s for Sale

Lessons Included if needed

Hey we have lots of used Bents for sale

Including Fully Faired RACING WINDCHEETAH for more on the Windcheetah
Overall condition: Excellent
Asking $3,750.00

Here’s a partial list…


EZ Racers Tour Easy
black, about 10 years old, and I would say with less than 500 miles on it.
Fairing not included

Ice Explorer trike
less than 100 miles (has relatively high seat height

Cannondale – CLWB
similar to BikeE RX and EZ-1

Bike E – E2 Tandem

Bike E RX

Double Vision Tandem

Rans V3 Aluminum
less than 100 miles, high racer, high performance, 28 lbs!


Rans Crank forward bike – Fusion model
less than 100 miles, 20 inch front wheel, 26 inch rear, fun to ride and comfy

Ti Rotator
Large Oversized Main Tube-Extremely light @ 21lbs

Street Machine

Lightning P-38

The Non-Bent

Bike Friday – Family Tandem
Alas not a recumbent, but, fun to ride with 20″ wheels and it can be separated for transport.

These are all slightly used bikes with very little mileage on them. If any of these might be
of interest, let me know…

Riding Lessons Available!

For pricing or to see in person by appointment… call 917 295 1954 or to reach by Email

“Making Things Go” at Staten Island Museum

I was talking to Yvette of Joulebody about her logo and the concept of words alone creating images, so I looked up Making Things Go… Because of the wall of words created by John Tetz.

I had no idea there was a video…

To my friends John – Tom and Chris!

You guys are the best!!

“Making Things Go: Bikes and Human Powered Vehicles” will run at the Staten Island Museum through September 29, 2008. NOTE: black screen until about 30 seconds before video shows. This segment was produced and aired by Time Warner Cable for “On The Beat,” a local TV show.

Revolution will not be Motorized

Bloggers In Egypt Call For A Cycling Revolution

How often is it that you see a cyclist riding under water? Yasser is an Egyptian blogger, and member of the The Cairo Cyclists Club, who took a dive last year in order to make a humorous statement with a serious environmental message behind it.

While Egyptians have always been opinionated and outspoken, the January 25th revolution has amplified numerous issues, including the need to become a more sustainable society.

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PSFK Article

Cargo Baby’s & Cargo Daddy!

I was out today in the incredibly high winds today. I ran into this really tough looking crew on Grand St.


Love the Xtracycle!


Glad to see the kids have HELMETS… this is not Amsterdam you know!

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests – Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention

This is just so simple and so mind blowing !

Small Haul NYC

Cargo Bike Lifts Spirits
By Chris Malloy


The Urban Brute with Beach Chair Attachment!

The heaviest load Shelly Mossey has hauled on his recumbent cargo bike was ten cases of wine at about fifty pounds each.

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Recumbent Journal

Urban Mobility Project offers Cargo Bike Delivery for NYC
Small Haul NYC

Picnic Table Bike

Amazing what you can find if you just TRY!

Caution Live Cargo!

Battery Park City’s very own cargo bike service… Small Haul NYC did it’s first pet pick up today…

You can’t be everywhere – Yvette Rose of Joulebody called with what she thought might be a crazy request. She asked if I could pick up her dog Papi from the vet on east 59th street. I’ve carried literary everything under the sun.

Papi was handed to me in his little carry bag that I gently placed in my Burley Trailer. I wanted to stay of roads with heavy traffic so I rode Papi across 60th street and through Central Park to the West Side Bikeway and down to Battery Park City. I checked on him a few times, he was all snuggled up in a little ball and didn’t seem phased by the ride at all. When I took him out of his carrier he was very playful and loaded with energy.

I was happy to do it!

Another Happy Customer!


Yvette and Papi chulo

  • Joulebody Is A Completely New Approach To:
  • Losing Weight
  • Conquering Food Cravings
  • Getting Fit
  • Gaining Flexibility
  • Handling Stress

Delivery’s are done By
Small Haul NYC
a totally stress free cargo-bike delivery service!

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