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Beat the NYC Heat!

Staying Cool @ 42nd Street Pier, NYC

On my way back from 110th Street I stopped for a quick refresher at the 42nd Street Pier!

Don’t even know how hot it was. I was out all afternoon and felt pretty good after stopping for a spritz at Central Park and the 42nd Street Pier. I asked a tourist if she’d take this fabulous photo, not bad, eh!

As you can see, I didn’t even bother to take off my helmet!

Thought about how nice it was this winter and had to re-post this photo. Not sure which is easier to deal with extreme Hot or Cold?

Art for Everyone

Art is cool!

Williamsburg Bridge is better than the High Line.


Always interesting on the Williamsburg Bridge

He says he's going around the world too!

Swanky Williamsburg!

I used to be a garbage dump!

Security Camera with graphic's ?

Its caged in!

World Tour

World Tour Pass on the Frog Tandem the Hudson River Bikeway

When they passed I thought it was the bike from Take a Seat the popular show on the Universal Sports Channel.

Of course I jumped on my bike and caught up to see who, what, where…

A couple from France, Angelique & Lionel starting their World Tour in NYC! This was their last ride in NYC before hitting the road, they were on the way to see the Statue of Liberty one more time before exiting Manhattan, not that easy with this rig. Of course I wanted to help as much as I could. Only Angelique spoke English so I pulled them over to look at maps and show them the way to the George Washington Bridge. Realizing it would be a major headache for them to cross the GW with the hairpin turns on the ramp and around the towers. They’d have to disconnect the trailer and walk around each turn. They also planned to go around the bottom of Manhattan and enjoy a trip to the GW on the east side bikeway, NOT!  I also knew they would have lots of problems exiting the west side bikeway with the insane killer hills and bridge that crosses the Henry Hudson Parkway at the north end!

Practicing unloading for the GW Bridge

I hope I convinced them to take NY Waterways Ferry to Weehawken and ride north to RT 9W and on to Niagara Falls.

They plan on being on the road for three years! We exchanged info and I wished them a great trip.

You can follow them at their blog here… FrogTandem

Resting at the North Cove Marina

I  heard from them via email they are in Pine Bush, NY.

Angelique & Lionel on the Hase Pino

Checking Maps

Today in NYC – Tribeca Film Festival – Elton John

Had to walk through the promenade because Tribeca Film festival is hosting a free concert tonight! Getting the stage ready for Elton John…

Saw this sign on the ground on the beaten up, battered East Side Bikeway…I guess they fixed the bump. So I took a picture of it… I guess it’s an ad for Ikea?

Thought my cargo set up would look good with all the yellow flowers behind… so I stopped and took a picture. BTW- that’s the east side bikeway just before 23rd street

This is the ultimate Cargo set-up! This set-up is really fast, a streamlined bicycle and streamlined trailer! But you need really smooth roads because of the speed, so I probably won’t use this set-up too much, but man does it fly.

See you on the road!


Good Sign from Frankly Wines Tribeca

Take the edge off…

Fine Wine. No Attitude

At Frankly Wines, we offer our version of the well-stocked wine closet: a well-edited selection of daily essentials, quirky finds, and higher end treasures for when you’re feeling flush.

Our selection skews towards the Southern Hemisphere, but you’ll also find wines from most other major (and minor) regions of the world. And you can be sure every bottle represents great value – when you sell less than 200 wines, they all have to be good!

Search or browse our wine selection or select a link to our featured wines or rotating three packs.

frankly wine

Small Haul NYC will get it to you in the nick of time…

Top Ten cases on the flatbed!

Urban Mobility Project offers Cargo Bike Delivery for NYC

Small Haul NYC
Supporting Local Business!

Take A Seat

Take a Seat is the most exciting television I’ve seen in a long time!

Makes me want to go ride my Recumbent Tandem around NYC picking up passengers!

Seat Anyone?
universal sports
take a seat

NYC Scenes from Small Haul Green Trucking

NYC Scenes

Grainy West Street NYC

Hope I don’t see any more snow for the next 10 months!

On my way to Brooklyn that little windshield is great rain gear. I’d never ride in winter without it! Brooklyn Soaking!

Picking up Baby Supplies in the Cargo Caboose! 25th St & 7th Ave NYC

One of my BIKE fanatic neighbors NYC apartment. Bikes in the closet. How many bikes do you have in yours?



Bicyclist shooting for the MOON

Bicyclist shooting for the moon – Outdoors –
By Sean Lynch

He’s rode in the fog and wind and rain. He’d come home after school and go out in the dark with lights on. I call him the ‘Destinator.’

Small Haul NYC

Small Haul NYC

Downtown Express Article…


From the Downtown Express…

Mossey capitalized on a seven-month unemployment stretch to create a blog that last summer catapulted into a successful one-man business. The messenger, born and raised on the Lower East Side and in the delivery business for 25 years, transports groceries and home improvement goods to residents’ doors via cargo bike a converted Pedi cab that can haul two to three hundred pounds at a time.

read on…
Downtown Express Article
Small Haul NYC
Urban Mobility Project offers Cargo Bike Delivery for NYC

Flying Through Traffic

The Streetflyer is a Bike That Simulates the Feeling of Flying
By Yuka Yoneda 02/28/11\


Who hasn’t fantasized about being able to fly above the clouds? While human beings have come up with ways to mimic the feeling, here’s an option for those of us who are, frankly, a little too wussy to try out base jumping or hang-gliding right off the bat. Created by Dr. Carsten Mehring, light-weight carbon-fiber vehicle that allows you to get a running start and then simply put your legs up to get you into a horizontal hang-gliding position using a body-harness. You won’t be more than 3 feet above the ground, but you can imagine how freeing it will feel to “soar” through the streets in the Superman position (though you may not look as cool as you feel). The concept vehicle could also be used for rehabilitation purposes since it allows the user to be in a suspended vertical position while propelling themselves forward with no impact to their limbs.

read on…
Inhabitat Article
The Streetflyer is a Bike That Makes You Feel Like You’re Flying | Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World

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