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Beach Day

Can’t say for sure. All we got were photos and no story sent to us.

Added a couple more to Martha’s gallery.

The Ride to Martha Vineyard 2011

Is on!!!

Like father, like son. Must be in the Mossey blood.

Like father, like son. Must be in the Mossey blood.

Leading the attack on MV. This is not Jackson’s first trip out to the island.

Quick pose for the paparazzi

It is his first time getting there on his own steed.

The participants have all gathered

And they’re off! I have a few more pictures here of this afternoon. Look for the complete story from Shelly of the ride in 10 days when they get back.

Gift from Larry

After sending his piggy bank money to Ride with Larry, Jackson received this great jersey!

Jackson is a great bent rider already! He is very honored to receive the jersey and just in time for our car free cycling Martha’s Vineyard trip!

Thanks Larry!

Recumbent Rag Tops

One of our first partners, Recumbent Rag Tops recently sent us one of their products to use.

It took about one hour to open the package and assemble up in the apartment.

Then downstairs for the actual install. That took a mere 30 minutes to complete. Within minutes of done I was road testing.

Thanks Mel

Preconceived Notions – NOT!

Learning to Ride Bent

I have acquired a KIDS Recumbent bikeE, set up by Johannes at North East Recumbents (no longer in biz).

On the Bikeway

Since I have this great Bent – I’m offering to teach any children to ride for free!

Able to ride and wave

BTW – it can also accommodate small adults!

In just two lessons he was riding with complete confidence on the Hudson River Bikeway!

Wide Load

Had a couple of problems getting to Brooklyn yesterday. The bike lane on the north side of the Manhattan Bridge is closed so I had to use the south side. When I got to the south side the barriers were just too close together to fit through. I refused to go and swap for my trailer. So I very calmly flipped the Urban Brute on its side and with the help of another cyclist was able to slide it through the barriers!

Having a nice easy ride over the bridge

As I was heading down the bridge I realized it must be the same on the other side. So I prepared myself to take the box off and flip it again.

Glad I'm not wedged in!

NYC Cyclists are pretty funny, some of them told me I shouldn’t park there as they made the turn to get on the bridge! I decided to return on the Williamsburg Bridge. When I got there a construction crew had barriers on that bike lane as well, unreal! They were good enough to move everything so I could fit through and finally get back to Manhattan!

Rough day!

Finally able to get going


R O A M is Rolling!

Just in case you are not aware the cross America Velomobile trip is about to start!


The classic tour across the United States, a great adventure, a challenge to will and strength – a world premiere of velomobiling. 5000 km, four weeks, fifty riders from Europe and North America.

Velomobiles amass in Portland prior to ‘Roll Over America’ tour
Posted by Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor) on July 26th, 2011 at 3:05

Portland is being invaded by velomobiles as we speak.

This Thursday, over 50, (nearly) fully-enclosed, pedal-powered machines will launch from Portland on a coast-to-coast tour. Organizers of the Roll Over America (ROAM) say it’s the first cross-country, group velomobile ride ever and it will, “be so unique that its participants will find it virtually impossible to escape public attention.”

2 a Breast Please

Wow, Going to Brooklyn almost every Sunday night for Joulebody Kickstart. The Williamsburg Bridge is getting better and better I always find lots of fun stuff to see!!

Whats he lookin at?

This is defiantly better than the High Line!

Recumbent Blog

Glad to hear good news with the bad. The end of The Recumbent Blog…..maybe?

First things first. We had to call a halt to the Recumbentblog in March when Penny got terribly ill. Many tests, hospitals and ambulances later (I’ve lost track), and after what seemed like every scan known to man, she has gradually recovered… despite the fact that nobody seems to have any definitive idea of what happened to her! She is well enough now that we have been for several recumbent rides. Thanks to all of you who showed such concern over her wellbeing.

The Last Post

Made in the Shade


It may be hot, hot, hot in the Baked Apple today, but this cool rig keeps me out of the sun.

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