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Self Sustaining Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard has the perfect infrastructure to be as car free as possible. It’s so much fun vacationing there year after year with all of our friends and family. Navigating the island on any HPV is just thrilling.

This article comes from my friend and Velonaut David, yes that’s him in his Velo.

Enjoy and get to The Vineyard with your bicycle even for a long weekend, you’ll be completely recharged in about one hour!

If you need some info about MV –  The Ride To Martha’s

Activists work toward self-sustaining Martha’s Vineyard

By Whit Griswold

September 28, 2011

More than 30 people turned out for an alternative transportation parade through Vineyard Haven on Saturday, September 24, followed by an open forum at Grace Church on how best to address climate change. Known as Moving Planet, Moving Island, the event was organized by a newly formed group called the Island Climate Action Network (ICAN) in coordination with the global effort of Bill McKibben’s organization, Rallies big and small were held in more than 2,000 communities in 175 countries around the world on Saturday.

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Getting involved in shaping their future early in life are, from left, Emmett Taylor, Madison Pittman, and Ada Coffey.










MV Family Campground 2010

Advertising on Cycles

Caught this Vita Coco Media Truck in midtown….I really liked the wrap job.

Very Nice Wrap


















I think these Media Cycles stand up very nicely to the truck wrap and they’re much more Urban Friendly!

A little creativity can go a long way

Scenes from Small Haul NYC


Sunday night Kickstart…

5th Avenue, all clear for a change!



Found myself on the east side of Manhattan, not quite as bike friendly as the west especially with the UN in session!



Why are there bikes in the Ferrari Showroom?


Is Ferrari having trouble selling cars?




Traffic on Church Street is off the meter!

Even downtown is tight





Don’t even think of driving between East 34th and 59th Streets-You’ll be very sorry!

Police bikes line South Street



Protest on Wall Street


Ugliest cargo I've ever seen


Nice looking hotel on East 61st street

Nice Porch

What a surprise, kinda out of place














Very exciting city, still love and hate it!

Zipping Around East Village

Great use of zip ties!


My First Ride

I remember my first ride down the Hudson River Bikeway post 9/11. At the time I lived in Palisades, NY. I rode to work everyday over the George Washington Bridge. The Towers always dominated the NYC skyline by a long way. After 9/11 I would stop halfway, mid span and stare at the empty space in complete disbelief.

I rode down the bikeway yesterday from West 59th Street except this time 10 years after there’s the new Freedom Tower – its amazing to see it rise so fast after an 8 year wait getting started. 

I felt the same surreal feeling creeping through my body that I had the first time I dared ride down the Hudson River Bikeway to see that the Towers were really gone.

Just getting started

Along the way

Nothing Stops Em!

Despite the frequent downpours. Nothing seems to stop tourists from walking the Brooklyn Bridge!

Heavy fog-Ready to pour!

Here they come


What's this?

Usually the bridge is jammed with vendors selling water, tee shirts and hawking Bikes to Rent, not today!


Bike, Boat… Take Three

Three island hop right here in NYC!

Waiting for the ferry

Sizing up the Gold Rush. Wall Street Pier

I was so thrilled with the NY Waterway’s East River Ferry that I insisted my family come for a Labor Day ride!

Tearing Jackson away from baseball isn’t easy!

It’s a great way to escape the city. We ferried from Pier 11 to Dumbo and rode the new bikeway to Red Hook for lunch on the Fairway patio overlooking NY Harbor!

We got a great bonus The Queen Mary was in town. We were able to ride right up to her without one tourist in sight!

Great View


Nice quiet street a long way from NYC!

Lunch on the Fairway patio

The Terminal in Red Hook


Old Rusted Trolley's

Bikeway to Fairway

Since it was a cloudy day there was hardly a wait at the Governor’s Island ferry from Brooklyn so we decided to go over,  loop the island and come home for free!

Cruising on Governor's Island

Queen Mary from Governor's Island

Governors Island is much more fun on a cloudy day, seems to keep the crowds away. I think our next ferry adventure will be the Kent Avenue bikeway in Williamsburg!

Really thrilled to have such a great way to exit the city with kids!

Bike Boat Bike Boat Bridge Boat

Small Haul NYC had a really FUN week with lots of miles…

Joulebody Kickstart…………………………………………………………………. goes a long way!

Last Wednesday I delivered JB cleanses to Jersey City and Long Island City with a delivery to West 73rd Street mixed in, that made it a great ride! I ferried to Jersey City, back up the bike way to west 73rd through Central Park and over the Queensboro Bridge(sorry Ed) to L.I.C.

New bikeway at Queenboro Plaza

I dreamed about this 20 years ago!











The L.I.C. delivery was right by the East River Ferry so I thought why not give the ferry a try.

All secured in the rack






They took my long bike and trailer no problem, all I needed to do was unhitch the trailer, about a 30 second operation. The crew was really great and even helped!

I was thrilled to pay just $5.00 to get back to Pier 11 at Wall Street with stops at Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Dumbo!

Pulling into Greenpoint

The city by boat is very exciting and just a great way to travel, worth every penny. It also opens up  an amazing amount of possibilities for family cycling through the boroughs. All the ferry stops have bike way connections!

Next stop Wall Street










I love taking ferry’s, check out my Ride to Martha’s Vineyard



I also found myself going through Times Square,  I do my best to avoid it but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Here’s something amazing ,

See anything unusual?

check this out….





Is this a first?








Just the worst …

I had a delivery to a 3 year old in NYU Hospital and popped the original balloon – I almost started crying! I called my wife to locate another Hello Kitty balloon. We found one right where I was so I went and bought it, when it was blown up I noticed it said “Happy Birthday”… they were good enough to modify it for me.

New Balloons

I raced to the  hospital to find out they don’t allow balloons in pediatrics!

The big one had a singing chip, it drove me freekin nuts. Every time it hit my head the singing started!






I finally had some down time so I took some friends out on the road for a short family ride to The Frying Pan…..

Following close to mom

Sporting new fllag

Happy baby girl

Mom on the road

Mess Transit?

We made a family decision to ride to Williamsburg before Irene really got going…We just didn’t want to get stuck in the Mess Transit System for the trip back!

Nobody out







Bridge to saftey

There were lots of nasty looking clouds around us. I was really relieved to finally get to the Williamsburg Bridge!




Safe in Williamsburg.

Ready for the storm!







We weathered the storm watching about 24 hours of baseball, what else! We rode home without an incident until we got just two blocks from Battery Park City all of a sudden the wind was roaring and even stronger as we turned into Gatway Plaza.

We got home safe and sound!

Fun on the way home




Glad we didn’t have to deal with the Mess Transit System!

Coming home


Who Pushed Me?

Cargo Cowboy NYC Urban Adventure…

Trailer Fairy blessing the Cargo Caboose & Micro trailer!

Very excited about going to Williamsburg to pick up 25 cases of empty bottles for Joulebody Kickstart Cleanse!

I could only get 14 into the Cargo Caboose so I thought I better use the Urban Brute. I just love climbing the Williamsburg Bridge!

Nice setup

I saw this cool home made Cargo in Williamsburg and just had to stop to check it out.




All loaded, no problem





I’m sure they think I’m pretty strange at the warehouse. When I got there the manager came out, saw the Urban Brute, thew up his hands and said “That’s never gonna fit.” with a complete look of disgust and walked away shakin his head!

Well eXcuse me!

They have a great crew that loaded me in about 3 minutes.

Looking forward to climbing the bridge

Good thing I have friends in high places!

The art of going Slow is not for everyone







I always take the route home on East Broadway. So there I was siting at a red light, like any law abiding cyclist and some asshole started shaking my trike back and forth. So I turned around thinking I was going to be in some kind of ridiculous NYC type of confrontation but there was no one there?

There was a car next to me so I figured some asshole reached out the window and shook the trike -WTF- no big deal to me so off I went. I was approaching Chinatown and was wondering why everyone was outside staring at the tops of buildings?

Everyone out in Chinatown

Everyone out in Foley Square

Then I realized that a wave had went right under me! I could really feel it because of the three wheels on the ground, I could feel one wheel rise up at a time, pretty wild day in NYC.





Glad to find out that everyone was OK!

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