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Everyone always  is always happy to see us cruising around NYC streets!

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Bank of America

Bank of America



The New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden





















One Bike Limit ???

Wow Gateway Plaza announced a one bicycle Per tenant….or  Two per couple limit!

With NYC doing everything it can to promote cycling in every way possible this seems kind of absurd. Just  another fight   to be car free in NYC! I have many different bikes all for different purposes Road,Cargo,City Cruiser,Child carrier, Tandem ,Trail a bike, My wife has two bikes, my son has two bikes whats the big deal, we use them all!

I have to wonder why it seems such a problem for so many.Yea there are lots of  abandon bikes all over the place so get rid of em and make room for people that ride on a daily basis! I’ve made several attempts to take over the racks and make them more usable and orderly with no response from management!

New York is a great cycling city and all but as cycling becomes more and more popular the opposition seems to get stronger and stronger!

Riding a bicycle use to be so simple!

BTW..The mess of Black Cars parked all day long all over the place – doing nothing  but waiting ,don’t seem to bother anybody!

Why are bicycles so threatening!


Hypercycling in Manhattan

Spotted this old old model Hypercycle locked up on 9th ave and 25th Street.As I was taking the photo the owner came out. We chated for a bit and he told me that recumbent’s are much safer in NYC traffic!

Great looking Recumbent Smirk!











I already knew that!




Down & Out In Battery Park City


Bike thief’s stop at nothing. With all the security in BPC right in broad daylight!

The Urban Brute out of commission, just a horrible sight….

Good Idea!

I always have lots of good ideas that I usually see in the real world at some point. Here’s one that found me at Manhattan Mini Storage on Vandam Street in NYC.

I’ve starred wheelchairs up and down many times wondering if I could use one to make a cargo trailer after all they carry like 250lbs around no problem and fold in a flash.

Well a Soho artist showed up with his home made ,custom wheelchair trailer right in the elevator with me, of course I thought this was magnificent!

Only got one photo ,but he showed me pages and pages of sketches of trailers.I gave him my card , hope he contacts me!

Now this is Re-Cycling….if you look closely you can see the arm rests on the left!

Away from it all

Wow…The East River Bikeway is great. We needed to find some space in NYC to hit baseballs around for a school science experiment.I thought we should try the East-side, so off we went on our first family bike ride of the season.

After the congestion and all the new rules and regulations of Battery Park City this was like we found GOLD!

Nobody on the field?

Holy crap run for it!

Hard to believe!










We were getting hungry, I remembered this really cool old diner style restaurant in Southbridge Towers on Water St.

Great idea…normal looking neighborhood people no security anywhere and not one tourist!

Very laid back










Our New Get-a-way!

The Ride to Martha’s

JUNE 19th 2012

The Ride to Marthas Vineyard…..with me!

Getting cash New Bedford Ma.


















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Morning Buzz

Morning Buzz

W0W…Warm weather is back!

I actually did a couple of  delivery’s with no trailer.I decided to pop the sock, man this is just an amazing ride.

Morning Buzz

Parked ready for a bikeshop!

BodySockin down the Hudson River Bike-way is freekin awesome!









Hope they don't mind taking pics of the signs










I think I’m the only one that notices the Zip Tie Project…


Nice lookin lamp post










Zip Ties on my body sock tower

UMP Zip Tie - not to bad

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