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Go ….ZiGO!!!!

Finally got Sofie to try our Zigo Leader .
We bicycled From Battery Park City up the bikeway for a short trip to the Chelsea Piers and our favorite spot in Manhattan
The Frying Pan Barge! Zigo is a great way to travel around NYC with your kids while getting a good workout!

Recumbent Bicycle Rental NYC

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New – as of 7/6/2010
Cargo Bike Delivery Service
 Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC

Get into the “COMFORT ZONE”
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Family Cycling Adventure New York City,Child Friendly Bicycle Rides Central Park NYC

Contact us for a Family Specific NYC Bicycle Tour around Manhattan.

We rode from Battery park on our Easyracers.Went up the westside bikeway to Central Park NY.

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  • Group Rides
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Central Park-NYC,2002

Urban Family Bicycle Riding NYC, New York City Bicycle Tour

Not far,its on The Westside NYC Bikeway
The Intrepid is a pretty good urban family cycling tour if you need to go somewhere easy by bicycle too.

The ship has been redone with a really great interactive children’s section.

Just south of the Intrepid at at 44th street is a pretty good park on on a pier.
It looks like a tourist trap so I’ve never bothered to go in until yesterday.
There is a huge pulsating fountain , a small water park with all sorts of water pumps disguised as interactive toys ,a boathouse that features free rowing and a big grass lawn with PINE TREE’S.
There are several food venders but you might want to bring your own food everything is priced for tourists!

Recumbent NYC- BikeSnobNYC

From the Bikesnob himself,
Speaking of ugly slow-moving vehicles, as I waited for the light I noticed what appeared to be a covered wagon just beyond the head of the Nonplussed Woman Looking Away from BikeSnobNYC. As soon as the light changed, I gave chase. (And by “gave chase” I mean I resumed pedaling.) Here’s what I saw:

I admit this is not very flattering but in my defense I was bringing a load of JUNK to Housing Works! Maybe I was a tad out of shape!
Thanks Bike Snob!

This is a much better picture of an amazing machine made by Organic Engines!


Westside Bikway ,NYC,NY

  • Stay to the right, please!
  • Single file in crowded areas
  • Use Lights at night and maybe a mirror also.
  • Look behind you before you turn.


  • Slow down
  • When you get to the section between 38th St & 45th St “Slow down more.
  • SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9am-6pm
  • No headphones !
  • No riding with leashed pets running alongside you !Use a trailer or carrier on your bike.

Enjoy your Ride

Urban Recumbent Ride in NYC


Last Sunday we did our first group ride with MARS.We were really a sight coming up the West Side Bikeway.There were all types of Recumbents ,Catrikes ,Rans and lots of Easyracers.

Jackson had a great time in the bike parade and really loved all the attention we got as we rode up the bikeway on our Longbikes Tandem Recumbent to Central Park.Once we got to the park the adults were free to go do laps or just hang on a bench.

We also convinced one of our friends to join us with her daughter so Jackson would have company on the road! Going places without friends is a drag!

Thanks For the ride!

Martha’s Vineyard Vacation/Shelly’s Easy Racers Goldrush Recumbent Bike in NYC

Recumbent Cycling NYC
Fast Goldrush Bike! 
Hey Thats Shelly’s Recumbent

Central Park,NYC

Trailer Trash! – Two Easy Racer Goldrush Recumbent fanatics, East Chop,Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Escape to Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard By Bike
Coming Next Summer 2010
Bicycle Manhattan Island,NYC to Martha’s Vineyard Island via Long Island,Block Island and Newport Rhode Island.

I know its a lot of Islands and ferrys

I found these Great Photo’s !
These Recumbent Guy’s are LOADED!
Both Bikes are Easyracers Goldrush Recumbent bicycles!

Trailer Trash! – East Chop,MV
Traffic – NYC

That’s the rear of my Easyracer Goldrush Recumbent in New York City traffic!

Martha’s Vineyard Car Free Family Cycling Vacation!

MV Family Cycling Vacation-2009

We’re back from our 6th annual car free, family cycling vacation on Martha’s Vineyard!
We camped with 2 other family’s ,we had 5 kids total. We will never vacation without
other kids ever again!

I was able to load up a car with all of our gear, 1 Tour easy, Chariot trailer (for hauling groceries and occasionally a kid), Jackson’s Bike and our amazing 10ft long Longbikes Recumbent Tandem!

The freedom of Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground is just to good to pass up. Jackson and all the other kids were awake by 6;30am and on their bikes riding around the campground by 6;45 on their own!

Having the Longbikes Recumbent Tandem really changed my vacation as far as getting around. I was able to get out on open roads and go up island with Jackson.The tandem is incredibly stable and fast even without a second set of peddles.There is no more worrying about getting pulled side to side and possibly losing control with my trail a bike. I highly recommend using a tandem(of any kind)rather than a trail a bike if your kids are over 50 lbs,it’s just too squirmy and unstable.

Traveling to Martha’s Vineyard has become very easy.There are ferry’s from Quonset Pt ,R.I., New Bedford ,Mass and now even Seastreak from Pier 11 in NYC.
If you need any info on traveling to this amazing island feel free to contact me!
I am contemplating organizing a car free family cycling vacation for next year…Stay tuned!!
Here we are with a local recumbent superstar Lucinda.She operates Guided Cycling Tours and is an expert rider that has cycled across the U.S., ALONE ! You can get information about her company and Martha’s Vineyard cycling adventures here

Video of Shelly and Jackson in the MV State Forest Bikeway!

Organic Engines , American Cargo Bike

On my way home from picking up this Easy Racer Tour easy recumbent for Marty we ran into this Dutch Beauty on North End Av.
Nice Wheels!
ORGANIC Engines Pedicab /Cargo Bike

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