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Sorry, No Folding Bike’s in NYC Skyscrapers !

No folding bikes allowed in a swanky midtown NYC office buildings???
I was riding home on the West Side Bikeway.  Gal from down under caught me!
She’s pretty good at making movies and riding,
..Have a look!

I appended a surprise encounter with Shelly, a recumbent guy I met on the Hudson bike path, who had something to say about society’s attitude to cyclists …

See video
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What’s So Great About Bicycle Commuting in NYC

I’ve commuted from every corner of the city.
I ride Rain ,Shine,Snow,Wind or Temp from neg 2 deg’s to 102 deg’s Fahrenheit.I know why I do it. My family doesn’t think anything of it if I gear up and go out to ride to work in a severe winter blizzard,seems perfectly normal?

My neighbors may view it a little differently, especially our Doorman!

I don’t know, it’s just not a big deal to me.

So I was just wondering what DRIVES us onto our Bicycles day in and out to go back and forth from home to work in Rain , Snow or High winds!

BTW , I don’t have one photo of myself cycling in any blizzards.

Please leave me your thoughts in the comments.
Very Curious,

Martha’s Vineyard Affordable Bicycling Family Vacations

Obama’s biking with kids on Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground
The Perfect Car Free Bicycling Vacation……Martha’s Vineyard you don’t need millions of dollars to go bicycle camping with your children on Martha’s Vineyard…….Love It!

Affordable Martha’s Vineyard
click here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> click here^

Path to Moshup Beach,MV —–>

BPC Post Classified Listing Battery Park City

New Local Post Board for Battery Park City

  • Sell Stuff
  • Rant
  • Post Events
  • Forums
  • Buy Bicycles to get around the neighborhood!

Women and Bicycles

What the bicycle offered was a kind of liberation in terms of movement, an independent, affordable means of transportation,” Clarke said.

Especially for women. Suffragette Susan B. Anthony wrote that the bicycle “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.” She called it “the freedom machine.”

Human Powered Speed Challenge


This is without a motor ,without anything blocking wind,without gasoline and defiantly
Pure Engineering and Aerodynamics and Human Power
There is a 5 mile rundown through speed traps on a flat road out in the desert

Beleive it!

Recumbent cycling is Fun !

This type of HPV racing can be seen on Youtube

Battery Park City Gets New Post Board

Battery Park City Post, our neighborhood’s own community portal. Visit the forums, buy, sell, trade or giveway items and find a job or post an opening.

10 Top Reasons for Mom to own a Zigo Leader in NYC

Why does a NYC Cycling Mom need a Zigo Leader?

1,You can go bike riding with your kids. You can’t loose your balance while riding The Zigo Leader!

2,You can see your kids without turning around and swerving off the road.

3,You can drop off your kids at school and go shopping with the same bike.

4,You can get off the NYC Mass Transit Grid! You’ll love bicycle riding on all the fabulous new NYC bikeways with your kids! No more struggling up and down the subway stairs with your ,carriage and your 50lbs of gear hanging off you!!

5,You can eat a lot and lots and lots of CALORIES after your ride!

6,NYC Moms and Kids will love cycling around NYC with the whole family, Stress Free!

7,You will be traveling Pollution Free and causing No Impact!! Using nothing but your own Creative “Energy”.

The No Idling law would not apply to you
The Zigo Leader is a ZERO EMISSIONS Vehicle!

8,Zigo Leader front loading trailer is 100% safer than using a rear pull bicycle trailer in NYC traffic!You can always see the kids and you can not tip over, unlike many rear pull trailer designs!

9,The Zigo Leader can be used as a cargo bike and be fully loaded with 100lbs of groceries!

10,The Zigo Leader will change your life,lower your blood pressure and pulse rate.

11, You can go cycling wherever you like with your kids,,,,,,,SAFELY!

Zigo Leader now Available for Rental

Its not Dutch but it’s still good!


Ride MOM Ride !

Bike RideThe Brooklyn Flea Market in Dumbo!

Brooklyn Flea Market

Under the Brooklyn Bridge @ Water & New Dock ST. in DUMBO


Thats my Easyracer Goldrush with my FAST Fabulous Aero,
Rotator Front Fairing!

Goldrush with Zipper Fairing in the backround

I put my Rotator fairing back on the Goldrush after about 2 years.
I went out to do laps in Prospect Park with a good friend for the first time in about a year.

WOW,that’s a fast, fast bike!
We ended up at the Brooklyn Flea Market.

This is a really fun local scene, seems Brooklyn is the new Manhattan.
Email me for cycling Directions to the Brooklyn Flea Market.

Family Bicycle Ride Brooklyn Bridge/Fulton State Park

Get out of town ,,,,Urban Mobility Project! 

Any family can bicycle over the Brooklyn Bridge to Robert Fulton Park.This is a child friendly bicycle trip.
There is a bike lane on Murray st that goes through City Hall Park right onto The Brooklyn Bridge.
Lots of kids,lots of art,you can go Kayaking on weekends or just sit by the beach(well a NYC version)!
Go slow on the Bridge its kinda nuts up there.
Brooklyn Bridge Park is on the Brooklyn waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.
EZ 3 Recumbent Trike
Aimee used the EZ 3 Recumbent trike.Its much easier to stay up and ride slow with your kids.
Good Safe ride for kids that can ride 5 miles or more or beginners to urban NYC city cycling.

 The park is great but the trains going over the Manhattan bridge are hard to take for too long…
make sure you bring EARPLUGS or Excedrin !
Cycling to Brooklyn is way better than taking any NYC Subway or walking!

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