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Bicycle Riding to School

Mom & Son Bike to School. State Trooper Awaits!

Hi Readers! In defiance of a policy that seems to forbid biking to the local grammar and middle schools in Saratoga, New York, a mom and her middle school son did just that last Wednesday. That is, they ignored “a phone call placed to students’ homes by school officials, asking parents not to allow students to walk or ride bikes to school,” according to The Saratogan. And then?

Upon arriving at school on Wednesday, Adam and Janette Kaddo Marino were met outside by school officials and a New York State Trooper, who were on hand for the first day of school. They were informed that they were “out of compliance,” and had a lengthy discussion over where Adam’s bike could be locked.

And you thought State Troopers were the strong, silent type.

What’s cool is that the next day, mom and son were joined by several supportive adults. Friday was too rainy for a ride, but we can only hope more and bicyclists will be converging every day. (I can see the Disney movie now!)

For its part, the school district is said to be “reviewing” its bike policy.

Good. Once again, it’s not that any of us here are in favor of danger: If we were talking about kids riding their bikes up slippery slopes frequented by ice road truckers who drive while texting, that’s one thing. But The Saratogan reports that the road in question is actually designated a bike route by the New York State Department of Transportation.

Let’s hear it for folks who defy laws that make no sense and don’t even make us safer. (And for a middle school student who is still willing to be seen in public with his mom.) — Lenore

Human Power the Film!

W O W !
HPV Recumbent Streamliner@ 82 MPH on 1/4 hp and no mention anywhere!
I’d think with all the Hybrid Hype going on at GM these guys might get some attention!
Why isn’t his front page news??

Heres the Story…
Recumbent’s Banned-“Winning Forbidden”

Battle Mountain Human Powered SpeedChallenge


Kids ready to climb in the Zigo Leader . Jackson is really riding the EZ3 Trike!
Later he discovered he could ride other kids on the seat right behind him. He was really thrilled with himself!

With all the art and children’s shows going on ,all the kids seem to be interested in was riding each other around all day long and climbing on things!

Holland on the Hudson ,Dutch Festival Family Cycling Trip

Urban Mobility Family cycling trip!
Eleven riders total .
We went to check out The Dutch Festival on Governors Island,Holland on the Hudson. The group managed to get to the the ferry terminal without any problem. Once we got on island I was able to relax, thanks to the fact that there are no cars to worry about.
Some of the kids rode their own bikes.
They had a great time riding on their own. The festival was so much fun.The kids were entertained for hours.We spent most of the day playing Golf and banging on Garbage cans.

We also had some cool bikes with us ,the Zigo Leader and EZ 3 Recumbent Trike.Once the older kids tried these fun bikes they would not get off and spent the rest of the day riding each other and the youger kids around in the Zigo and The EZ3 Trike. Even Jackson was able to ride the EZ3 Trike by sitting on the bar just in front of the seat. By the end of the day there was a line of children waiting for rides !
Really Fun Day!

More Schools in NYC Encourage Commuting by Bicycle

We ride to school every Morning!

This is the link to the article from The NY Times.

Cycling In Good Company

Fashion designer Lela Rose has a custom made tricycle to carry her kids…and dog!

More Click Here

I’ve run into Lela many times riding up Hudson street.She got a real kick out of the Organic Engines Pedicab I was riding !

Urban Cyclist David Byrne, NYC

Yes, From The Talking Heads!

David Byrne rides Bicycles and writes about it in his new book ‘Bicycle Diaries’

David Byrnes Bicycle Diaries

We went to see him last year when he hosted Bicycle Night at The New Yorker Festival.
Here he is bicycle riding through Times Sq ,NYC

No Impact Man

Playing at Angelica Theater NOW!
Here’s a link to his Blog!
No Impact Man

Bicycles and The Manhattan Bridge

Sands Street “Budnick” Bikeway

Bicycling between Brooklyn to Manhattan is getting safer and easier than ever!
Have a look at this clip from Streetfilms!

News Artical


Harmony on The Hudson 2009 / Family Bike Ride,NYC

Every September Battery Park City throws the best KIDS street fair in New York . Harmony On The Hudson ! It’s in Wagner Park it’s just north of Battery Park.
There are top notch Interactive children’s bands. Heading the bill is one of our favorites, Tom Chapin!
Just in case the music doesn’t do it for the kids,
there are lots of kids activity’s as well on the grass and on a section of Battery Place that is closed to traffic. In spite of ll the great music the Double Dutch Diva’s always steel the show! Its extremely inspiring watching them jump at their age! When they open it up to all the wannabe Diva’s they have no problem getting a huge turnout!They get all the neighborhood kids to join in without much coaxing!
Harmony On The Hudson is easy to ride your bicycle to from anywhere in the city.All you have to do is get on to The West Side Bikeway and follow it down to the end of Manhattan!
If you come from NJ you have the option to ferry across the Hudson River with you bikes!
Thanks to Ellen ,Doug and Battery Park City Authority for giving us this great event!

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