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Bikes For Afghanistan,Two Wheels Can Take You Far!

Tomorrow, we’ll board a C-17 carrying 50 Globe bicycles donated by Specialized, the American bike company based in Morgan Hill, California. We’ll fly to Kabul and start building bikes. We’ll be there for about 42 hours, and imshallah, on Thursday night we’ll be back in Brussels, pounding Duvels and toasting our good luck, scraping the bike grease from under our fingernails.

Here’s the Article 

Amazing cycling photos from around the world…
Two Wheels can Take you Far!

Cycling , Baghdad,Iraq !!

I became very curious about cycling in war zones like Baghdad and Afghanistan. I stumbled across this amazing photo….Just being off my bike during Thanksgiving gave me the shakes!!
I’d be doing the same thing if I were sent there!!

W O W !    They are riding  have a look….

Motor pacing, Iraqi style.  BSKlaw team member LTC Bob Cornes on a 100-mile ride near Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq.

Carfree Family's are All Over the World

Lots in Common,The Family of Cyclists!

Carfree Family’s are All Over the World

Lots in Common,The Family of Cyclists!

Great For Battery Park City NY !

 A Great Family Cycling Blog from Portland. Hopefully Battery Park City will follow their lead!!
You think they’re having fun?

The Ride To Montauk 2010……………………………………My Favorite Century!

Beautiful Flat Routes for Beginners & Experts
No fundraising required •
We didn’t invent pedaling to Montauk… we just made it a lot more fun.”
Ive been doing this ride for the last 25 years.
Its a great test for speed strength and endurance or just a very pleasant day out cycling as long as you don’t over do it.
Ive done it both ways I have to admit I like to put myself to the test. My fastest time was 4hrs 30mins on my Easyracer Goldrush Recumbent with full bodysock!!! Yes its flat and all but the headwinds out on the south fork are not fun after you’ve already riden 75 miles!!
The first time I did this ride I realized it was possible bicycle anywhere. That lead me to start bicycle touring and still haven’t stopped. I’ve cycled Mexico,Alaska,Northern Ca,Southern Ca.,France,one third of the U.S.and Lots of trips from NYC to Martha’s Vineyard! I’ve also been a bicycle commuter in NYC for the past 30 years! My wife laughs at me because I have no idea how to use the NYC Subway system !
Since I can’t take these long trips anymore my family and I have been going on  
Car free cycling vacations to Martha’s Vineyard.
If I can get it together I may offer a Ride to Montauk  Extension to Martha’s Vineyard,
seems pretty natural!

And here it is……
The Ride to Martha’s….

The Granery Gallery,West Tisbury,Martha’s Vineyard

Aero-Tweens Breaking Recumbent Land Speed Records !

Recumbent Family Cycling

This is an amazing account of the annual (click here>> Human Powered Speed Championships at Battle Mountain.
Tanya Markhum is just amazing and quite modest about her incredible ride.

In 1979, Fast Freddy Markham her dad became the first person to exceed 50 mph on an unassisted bicycle. He was also the first over 60 mph. In 1986 Fast Freddy won the DuPont prize for speed exceeding 
65 mph.
That bicycle, The Gold Rush, is now on permanent display in the Smithsonian Institute.Since Streamlined bikes have gone over  

This is part one of three.

Once you get to youtube you can find pt 2&3

Ride Like A Girl , I Wish !

Cruzbike Sets a New Record!

Cruzbike’s Maria Parker has set a new women’s 12 hour record aboard her Cruzbike Silvio at an even this weekend in North Carolina.  One of our most prolific message board posters, James Artis, provided some excellent play by play coverage on his blog including a bit of video.  Maria racked up 241 miles in the alotted time despite a pretty nasty crash and some other health related setbacks.
Great job, Maria and congrats to Cruzbike!

Love Your Bike

by Bonnie Alter, London

chain.jpgLove Your Bike is a campaign set up by Manchester City Council and Friends of the Earth to encourage bicycle riding. Its inter-active website serves as a comprehensive directory to every aspect of bicycle riding in Manchester, England. The colourful site includes information on where to ride, where to buy, health tips, surveys and videos. The Council has arranged a discount on the purchase of new bicycles and they are selling those green fluorescent jackets with the campaign logo on the back—very fetching. There is a fascinating inter-active map that shows good routes, bad routes and even potholes to avoid. An excellent diagram shows the names of all the parts of the bike—always useful when trying to describe that missing part. Some fascinating facts about the benefits of cycling: Cycling at least 20 miles a week reduces the risk of heart disease to less than half that for non-cyclists who take no other exercise. A 15-minute bike ride to and from work five times a week burns off the equivalent of 11 pounds of fat in a year. The average UK resident spends approximately 9 days every year in a car. Regular cyclists enjoy a fitness level equal to that of a person 10 years younger. :: Click Here – Love Your Bike

My Way Or The West Side Highway – Muscle Powered Commuting

Driving to Work in NYC is INSANE

Really sick of the Road Rage,Ridiculous Horn Honking and watching grown up people getting out of their cars to Duke It Out!!

I spent years bicycle commuting from Fort Lee, NJ to my office on west 37th street in Manhattan about 12 miles each way. Over the GW Bridge and down the West Side Bikeway everyday. Riding to and from work was the highlight of my day Rain Shine or Snow. I always felt extremely privileged to be out on my bicycle all alone on the bikeway in such beautiful scenery along side the Hudson River.
I always felt really sorry for all the automobile commuters bumper to bumper going about 4mph. Once I  got to the stretch of road that rides alongside with the west side highway on my left I was just flying past the traffic!!

 I could never understand how they do it every day.I guess they probably saw me and had the same reaction. Poor guy can’t afford a car and he has to do all that work!!

During that period I was in amazing condition and would and was always able to do the “The Ride to Montauk” (100 mi) century in about 4hr 30mins on my Easyracers Goldrush Recumbent.

I now live in Manhattan and wish I lived a little father away from the office.

My Way…….
The Highway

Which do you choose??
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