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Critical Mass – USA

This photo is from Treehugger.Its defiantly an American city.
Everyone seems dressed so nicely it can’t possibly be NYC, must be San Francisco…..Ca.

Chattanooga Community Kitchen Aids Homeless With Bicycles

by Daniel Kessler, San Francisco, California on 07.13.09

The bicycle is an amazing technological innovation, and creative people never seem to run out of amazing ways to use it. While the riders in the Tour de France are now using their bikes to descend mountain passes at speeds in excess of 60 mph, others are using bikes for more practical and charitable purposes. Case in point: The Chattanooga Community Kitchen and Outdoor Chattanooga have joined to give the homeless some pedal power.  
Click on the headline for the rest of the story.

Wow – The World Finally Reaching Critital Mass!!

Google Photo of the Week!

It’s from a recent Critical Mass in Budapest, Hungary. 
Not quite the same in the states.

Critical Mass on Earth Day in Budapest

Here are some scene’s from Critical Mass in NYC

My Wife and I were sitting in a cafe in Paris all of a sudden about 2000 rollerbladers went by followed by about 10,000 cyclists,WOW Critical Mass in Paris ,France!
We found out when the next one would be and joined it (Of coarse we had our bicycles with us!)
Lots of fun!!
Paris provided a POLICE escort just to be sure the ride was safe.
Well as you can see NYC also provides a POLICE escort!!
Critical Mass is lots of fun and should be embraced by NYC , not met by Police in Riot gear!

Is there such a thing as too much color?

All My Eyes Blogspot”

Carlsbad Flower Fields
 Body Socks on the Runway

Garbage cans and other street furnishings are for most part invisible to us…until we go someplace else. Above, waste receptacle, recycling bins, and public telephones in Buenos Aires.

He’s No Einstein

Albert Einstein, Rock Star

He made science cool, turned bad hair good—and there’s that tongue photo.

Right Here on our Stage…….The Beatles. A Really Big Shoe!


Easier Than Walking ?

History Lesson
The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. In fact cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel including walking!

Fun Video,,,,,,))))

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle!


Social Impact of The Bicycle

Women – Bicycling to Freedom

The bicycle craze, which dominated sporting activities of America and Europe in the 1890s, started a revolution of independence and emancipation for women.


For one thing, it changed the feminine wardrobe. Women no longer had to be hampered by tight corsets and long skirts, but could enjoy the freedom of comfortable and practical bloomers and divided skirts. The short lived bloomer fashion was a good solution for women riding bicycles, but many women rode bicycles in long skirts. Much later shorts and pedal pushers pants made bicycling easy. Now women and men alike often choose tight spandex clothing for biking comfort.
Moreover, the beginning of bicycling was the end of the chaperone. Ladies, and even young girls, began riding alone or accompanied only by friends.
Bicycling became important for women in all walks of life. Office workers and shop assistants rode bicycles to work. Women from the upper social classes used bicycles for leisurely rides or to call on friends.
In 1896 Susan B. Anthony said, “the bicycle has done more for the emancipation of women than anything else in the world.” 

Oh Yea ..Like A Fish Needs a Bicycle! 

Mobility for everyone

Disabled Veterans Inspired by Athletics

New VA Pilot Program Encourages Disabled Army Veterans to Surf and Cycle


Once you’ve seen how fast these racers can move, the term “disability” can seem inappropriate.

Over the years riding in Central Park I’ve met and ridden with lots of these truly amazing athletes.

Handcycles are not slow and give an amazing amount of freedom and mobility.Achilles are usually in the park as a group on Saturday mornings.

When I was in the bicycle business I had a Lightning Handcycle. I rode it through the city streets and was very impressed with the speed just peddling with my arms.


  Don’t you think NYC should provide an infrastructure of bike way’s that would allow them to cycle around  safely.Trike Handcyclists should have the same freedom and mobility that we do.When I was in the bicycle business I had a Lightning Handcycle. I rode it through the city streets and was very surprised at the speed I was able to get going.




Recumbent Trike Handcycles
Central Park , NYC

Catrike Recumbent in NYC !

 Catrike Recumbent comes to Battery Park City,NY

Lucky Kid!!
Man as soon he looked at the TRIKE, he just jumped on and demanded I push him all around the plaza.
We just borrowed it its not ours!

Is that thing comfortable?

Well its kind like riding your couch around. I’m not Kidding!!!!
Oh No Way !
Now this is Recumbent….
Wish we could ride this thing to school every day!

Follow the Women to Ride The World

 Ride The World

Members of the Follow the Women Foundation rode bicycles during a tour in Amman, Jordan on May 9. About 400 women from more than 30 countries are participating in the event to cycle through Middle Eastern countries to promote peace and empower women in the region. The first Pedal for Peace, Follow the Women campaign was in 2004. ‘Women do not traditionally cycle in the Middle East, so the sight of a large female-only group attracts huge interest,’ said founder Detta Regan.
Muhammad Hamed/Reuters

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