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Winter Spin / West Side Bikeway /Bicycle Commuter NYC

 Happy Hour on the West Side Bikeway!

  Here’s my first introduction. A very content cyclist named Stephanie. She was in a rather  normal looking outfit on her way to work .She even rode in a Skirt, thats dedication!

I pulled up to her on my magic carpet.
Bicycle Commuter NYC!

I asked what makes you ride even in extreme winter temps? Well its just better than freezing on my walk to the subway downtown  and  freezing again walking all the way to my office right on west street!

Where you coming from?
I from Battery Park city everyday!
On her way to her job at Martha Stewart. Everyone one at work thinks she’s out of her mind! If only they knew what a pleasure the bikeway is compared to the NYC Subway, YUK!
I hope Martha appreciates your amazing efforts! Don’t forget your entitled to $20 cash a month from your employer for bicycle commuting!

If you see Stephanie make sure and give a Wave! I guess you’ll know its her by the helmet,backpack and wool mittens!

Great to meet you .I hope you find this blogspot.
If you do feel free to leave a message or email

Was fun chating!
My goal is to create a community of  bicycle commuters that are more than just cyclists passing each other everyday on the bikeway!

Sorry the photos are so crappy but I was riding .Ill have to practice riding and taking photos.




I also met Matt on his way to work.
Riding for ten years on the same bike .Rebuilt 2 times! My bike is an Easyracer Goldrush !
He really wanted to know… time Ill get a photo and real interview!

Special Cyclist Recumbent Trike and Burley Nomad!

Not a lot happening in the New York City besides riding back and forth to work on the bikeway.

Winter has really set in. There are some bicycle commuters that I see everyday,no matter how cold or how windy!

We give each other that little nod of acknowledgement and smile as we pass in the freezing cold and high winds. I can’t help but wonder,

Do they wonder who I am? 

Do they wonder about each other?

I wonder if they’d be interested in finding out about each other?

I think I should try to find out!

Wonder what keeps them going?

Really liked this story so I passed it on to you…..

Hemet man bikes to help self, others

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Special to The Press-Enterprise

After he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in November 1995, Jim Wetherell plunged into a deep depression that no therapist or medication could combat.
While the diagnosis was not a death sentence, it was an end of life as Wetherell knew it. He had to give up his job as a tour bus driver. His relationship with his wife fell apart. So he moved from San Francisco to Hemet.
To help with the anxiety caused from the disease, he started riding a recumbent two-wheeled bicycle. He soon switched to a three-wheeled version.
“I thought I could deal with some of the stress by pedaling it away,” said Wetherell, 66. After a while, one of his biking buddies asked him where his tremor went. That is when he realized that cycling had more benefits that he knew.
In 2001 he started a Web site to offer information, support and inspiration to patients and caregivers:
“I wanted a name people would remember,” he said about choosing the nickname “Parky” as he set out to “take the park out of Parkinson’s.”
Story continues below
Diane A. Rhodes / Special to The Press-Enterprise
Jim Wetherell took the nickname “Parky” in his fight against Parkinson’s disease. One of the ways he deals with stress is riding his recumbent tricycle, maintaining a regimen of 20 miles a day. In May, he hit the 50,000-mile mark.

Ghost Bikes

Cyclists Dedicate ‘Ghost Bikes’ To Accident Victims

Cyclists Dedicate 'Ghost Bikes' To Accident Victims
NEW YORK (WPIX) – New Yorkers are taking a brisk ride Sunday to honor the street’s fallen cyclists.
Cyclists, walkers, families and friends dedicated 11 “ghost bikes” memorializing accident victims Sunday.
Cyclists will ride through Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, stopping at 11 different accident sites. There, they’ll lay flowers and pay their respects to cyclists killed last year.
A memorial walk will also be held long a route through Greenpoint, Brooklyn, commemorating pedestrians and victims of traffic crashes.
According to Transportation Alternatives, 65 pedestrians and 10 cyclists were killed on city streets last year, with many more unreported incidents still to be factored in. In 2008, 147 pedestrians and 25 cyclists were killed on New York City streets.

There are TWO Ghost bikes on The west side bikeway in New York City.  

Dr. Carl Nacht, 56, June 22, 2006, hit by NYPD tow truck. Died of his injuries on June 26, 2006. 
At 37th street.

Eric Ng, 22, December 1, 2006, struck and killed by drunken driver
  • Hudson River bike path, near Clarkson Street, Manhattan
  • The drunk driver rode for over a mile on the no-cars-allowed Hudson River greenway before striking Eric
  • The driver was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and driving while intoxicated, the authorities said (New York Times, 12/3/2006)

This is Eric’s Ghost bike at Clarkson St on the Bikeway.
I was at his Memorial. Just to clarify ,the driver drove his car on the actual bikeway from Chelsea Piers all the way down to Clarkson street just north of Houston. 

I remember reading the story in total disbelief.

Eric’s Ghost Bike,
 Dec 19,2009


All this frigid weather makes me think about a fabulous bicycle trip to Martha,s Vineyard!
I stay in touch with the Vineyard right here
WMVY Radio

Getting Cash for the Ferry
New Bedford,Mass 1999
Easy Racers Goldrush ,with 20in rear wheel and cool Lightning Panniers!

Good Excuse -The New York City Bikeway !

I think I’m winning the battle of Bicycle vs Nature. I can get myself dressed and out the door if I have an actual destination.Just having coffee with a friend is a good excuse and motivation enough to get me on my bike.At least get the exercise of riding a few miles. It takes me longer to get dressed than it does to ride to midtown,but I wouldn’t do it any other way!
Big Digital at Chelsea Piers, you can see the temperature for yourself, include winds out of the NW raging at 25-30 mph.

I ran into a very Stubborn cyclist named Toni from the west village in NYC.She refused to use The NYC Subway System.This is her second winter of New York City cycling. She defiantly has the Force with her! It was really cold out in that headwind give her some credit.There aren’t  a lot of folks that have this much DRIVE and FOCUS.
She admitted to being cold so I hope this will help. Windproof Mittens,Helmet and Balaclava and Booties for your Feet!

Sorry I cut you off in the photo hard to get a good shot when I’m moving!
I hope she had a really good reason to be out there.Maybe she was going to Fairway?
Hope you make it cycling through the winter! Stay warm in touch….And get some Mittens!

Here are some other Photo Op’s I just could not Resist!
The Norweigan Gem
Docked on west 45th street
Man that thing is huge!
 Glad it was to cold for Homeland security to come out and harass me!

New Years Day Central Park

Went for a New Years Day spin in Central Park on my Goldrush Recumbent Bicycle. After two weeks of celebrating I feel like a bloated COW. If I don’t get a little exercise I’m afraid I might Explode!

I stopped on the roadway to take my camera out and got the usual reaction from some tourists left over from Times Sq.
They just couldn’t get over it.
Recumbent Bicycles seem to have that effect on people in New York City!

No Matter what goes on in the world there are always be signs of life in Central Park! As I sat  on the roadway watching everyone go by ,people that I didn’t even know were coming over to wish me a Happy New Year.I guess it was a good chance for someone to introduce themselves, after seeing me doing laps on that funny looking bike for the past several years. It was good to get out!
My Favorite Spot!
The Benches at west 67th street! 

A rare sight
Recumbent Rider New York City
Here’s Bert sporting his new Helmet windshield oh yea and his Rans Extreme Recumbent.


 There goes Judy a regular central park runner
She stopped her daily run to chat. After talking for a few minuets ,I asked if I know her.She said she’s just been seeing me riding that thing for years and wanted to wish me a Happy New Year!
Was good to get out!
Happy New Year!

Not A Good Sign

After seeing Ellen bicycle commuting home in the freezing cold last night how could I even think of not riding to work today! As I approached the bikeway at Stuyvesant H.S. I came across something that was defiantly Not a Good Sign!

The headwind was so strong I was almost brought to a complete standstill in certain areas!

I’ve been in much worse.Like the time I was crossing the GW Bridge in one of the NOREASTER’s in the 90’s.The wind was blowing so hard that I kept my eye on the railing just in case I became Airborne!!

One good thing about it is that I know the ride home would be a snap, with a great TAILWIND!!

Happy New Year -NYC

New Year Numbers Arrive in Times Square

The numbers “one” and zero” arrived in Times Square by pedicab. The numbers will be installed for the New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Glad to see the city has finally figured out a way to get this done without shutting down Midtown Manhattan and driving us all nuts!!
Now if they could please incorporate the same brilliance and common sense thinking into getting the Tree into Rockefeller Center!!

 The numbers ‘one’ and ‘zero’ arrive via pedicab, driven by Peter Netzer,left, and Gregg Zukowski, to be installed atop Times Square for the New Year’s Eve ball drop in New York Wednesday Dec. 16, 2009. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

I’m taking my pedicab to do some shopping at Whole Foods
Happy New Year!

Fuel Up-Ride to Eat!

 I’ve been extremely impressed with the amount of calories I can consume after riding long distance at a really fast pace.I’ve spent entire evenings standing in front of the fridge eating almost everything in it and never feeling full ! As I find all these articles on cycling from every  possible angle I become taken back for a second, 

Is someone reading my mind?

New Culinary Cycling Adventure Series Features NYC in First Installment-


Happy Holidays from Battery Park City NY

The Promenade 
Recumbent New York City

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