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Great Cycling Films….if you just won't Ride!

 With a freezing cold weather forecast in store for the weekend I can recommend a few good cycling films…

 The Triplets of Belleville was a great surprise!

Sylvain Chomet’s The Triplets of Belleville revolves around a determined grandmother and her equally determined dog, who’ll do whatever it takes to rescue the lady’s grandson, kidnapped during the Tour de France. This quirky animated feature is reminiscent of Jacques Tati’s comedies

Good for kids Too!
One of the best cycling films ever made!
Also Great for Kids..we’re expecting a copy from Netflix any day!
The 40 Year Old Virgin
 Very Funny 
Not for the Kids

LONE WOLF – Hudson River Bikeway, NYC

At 23 degrees and 30mph winds didn’t see too many cyclists out but I ran into this fella,
Sasha. On his way to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge.
Not only is he going he’s also gonna ride home tonight when he temps will drop into the Teens!
Seems pretty well geared up and having a good time chatting with me!

I dubbed him The Lone Wolf and just as I took the photo another cyclist rode right by us!

Bike Snob – SNOW…WAY ! Hudson River Bikeway NYC

Happy Hour
A Cyclists answer to NYC gridlock
Glad I got to ride. I could not believe how many cyclists were out this morning.
Some tuff bicycle commuters out there today.
No Bike Snobs
Snow How!
Real commitment and lot of fun to ride with.Hope I didn’t make you late for work!

Bikeway Transformed
I just could not let all these riders go by without taking their pictures!
This guy could not believe I rode my skinny ass tires in the snow !

my view
It was a pretty smooth ride but the first time I hit the brakes.
we skided out.No big deal I just put my feet out to stay upright!

The Bikeway was unexpectedly turned into a Winter Wonderland for a few hours.
Glad I got to ride. Its really pretty comfy in there.I could not believe how many cyclists were out this morning.
Oh yea ,Thanks to the Jogger that I stopped to take my picture!

Urban Mobility Project

Toga – Happy Hour …………Hudson River Bikeway,

Amazing grace a true cyclist so SMOOTH. Great looking TOGA racing gear and a beautiful Colnogo Road Bike!
Just out for a spin on his way home from work to Staten Island.Cycling after work is real freedom that most other types of commuters just don’t know about.

Here’s FRANK

Yea,he’s pushing 60 and as you can see he’s Cycling has kept him in amazing condition.Since you were so intrigued by my bike here’s a link that will show how fast Recumbents are!

There he goes…..

 Speed Records Click Here

Great to meet you!
Urban Mobility Project

Freekin Bikes!

I noticed a recumbent locked up at W 36th st. I always wondered who the owner could be.Today as I started my ride home I saw him go by. I rode up as he was locking his bike. We spent a few minuets marveling at each others bike.Then he asked if I had ever heard of Freek’n Bikes?
 He told me that its a group that works with kids in Brooklyn and they need a new home.I told him I would post it here it is for you to read and maybe give them some help!
They have given over Four Hundred bikes to needy kids!

Innovate or Die – Aquaduct: Mobile Filtration Vehicle

not just for transportation.
Specialized Bicycles holds this incredible event every year! 

Innovate or Die! 

Beyond Cycling 

Progress! – The Hudson River Bikeway NYC

New section of bikeway at the new Goldman Sachs Building
between Vesey st and Murray Streets

Vesey Street going south
Right in front of Goldman
Security came running out to tell me I can’t take pictures.I told them
I was Just making a phone call.

Real Progress At The World Trade Center Site
Just a note , Its not really finished if you go south it kinda ends abruptly and turns you on to the sidewalk of a one way street going the wrong way!

Good Pace ! The Hudson River Bikeway -NYC

Happy Hour
Cycling’s answer to NYC Gridlock!
Brooklyn Gina!
Hope you find this blog….

This morning I saw what looked like a Fixie Couple from Brooklyn, 
plowin up the Bikeway,YO!
She was right on his wheel, Cool Fixies?, Cool gear and Bags.
As I rode up to them I asked, Are you together? (I know sounds more like something you ask in a club.)
 No………He was just doing a good pace! So I told her all about what I was doing.She was good enough to
“S l o w” …. it down and give me her spin.
Turns out she worked at Martha Stuart also and now has a new job as a designer at another company (forgot the name ,Sorry) in the fashion world.
Gina started bike commuting two years ago an loves it. I think she rides from Bayridge?
If you want to clarify all this just send me an EM! .

I bet she rides about 8 ? miles each Way. Sounds like a good ride!
Oh yea ….Bike New York ,Since you asked
I‘ve done it many times.Its lots of fun.The start is jam packed and there are lots of little mishaps at the beginning.The ride gets held up in several places and at times can be a real pain. Especially getting home from Staten Island
But I highly recommend doing it. Its an Amazing way to see the city as long as you don’t mind the other 30,000 cyclists!
There she goes Give her a WAVE!
…Thanks for chatting

Some Others on my way Home
Going to a Gig?
Just a happy Rider!

Pink Trike Velokit on Martha’s Vineyard

That’s my friend Lucinda of Guided Cycling Tours on Martha’s Vineyard.She rides A Recumbent.Catrike
I think we’re going to be seeing lots more Velomobiles and Trikes on the Vineyard.
It’s the perfect place for them!

I wonder if she’s been on a ride with Dave and his Quest?

Home Made Foamshells – Life in the Fast Lane



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