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Beauty and the Bike

Why Do Girls Stop Cycling?

Our project is founded on the fact that girls in cycling friendly countries continue to cycle into adulthood, whilst in other countries – like the UK – they tend to give up during the teenage years. Why?

 Here’s the link to this very curious project
Beauty and the Bike

Handcycles make their debut in Melbourne race

Handcycles make their debut in Melbourne race

Monique Van der Vorst of the
Netherlands, who holds the physically-challenged women’s marathon world record, will compete in a division of the Melbourne and Beaches Music Marathon. (For FLORIDA TODAY)

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Ladies Start Your Engines

Womens Bicycle World Speed Record 

Barbara Buatois
 75.46 mph!

Cycling Saves Lives!

How cycling paramedics are saving lives in hilly Sheffield

Jonathan Alexander (right) and Tim Atkin from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Cycle Response Unit in Sheffield. Photograph: David Bocking

Cycling paramedics are often only seen in flat urban areas, but Sheffield’s finest have managed to master the city’s terrain. Cycling paramedics are an increasingly common sight on urban streets around the UK. But if the city happens to be hilly Sheffield, how do you get to the emergency as quickly as possible on your 40kg white, green and yellow bike?

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 I loved finding this…Just wanted to pass it on!

 Do this and you won’t need them!


Cargo Trikes at Work, Battery Park City NY

Since we blogged, my new friend Bill and I chat often on my way to work.

MenDing Fences

The bikeway was PLOWED
I guess Bicycle Commuters finally have some Status!

BTW I have two interviews coming with the King and Queen of East Coast Cargo Biking and Green Urban Trucking!
 Boston and NYC
Stay Tuned

Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility – PUMA

Segway and GM’s foray into togetherness begets (sob!) the PUMA

The Imagination of GM

Oh They must be KIDDING!


The best General Motors and it’s staff of engineers can do for the Urban Centers of America.You think maybe they’re trying to tell us something? If I were GM I don’t think I’d announce this to Loudly? 

Drunk drivers in cars are bad enough. Could you imagine having a few and trying driving home in this?


 The F lip Side!


From The imagination of our world wide 

Cycling Community!

Human Powered Vehicles…

GM might want to hire a couple of these guys to help clean up the mess!

Varna HPV
Top Speed 82mph
Go online and check the records it for yourself?
Quest MVVM
Just to compare
Go One Velomobile
Glyde Velomobile
from Greenspeed in Australia

 All from Europe


Ground Hog Day , Batteries Not Included?

Best Winter Cycling Gift Ever.
My son received this great gift. Its a KENETIC Energy LED Light.
All you need to do is Squeeze the little handle a few times to power it! I thought it couldn’t possibly stay lit for more than ten minutes, so I tested it.
Eight hours later it was still RUNNING and is good enough for city bicycle commuting!
Sick of buying batteries! It should be pretty easy to mount on my bicycle!
Makes you kinda THINK……or maybe not? 
Oh yea,I think the total cost was $7.80!
boy am i sick of seeing that on everything

Women travels to workplace using her own Leggs!

Happy Hour
A cyclists answer to NYC GRIDLOCK! 
Women travels to workplace using her own Leggs!
Arrives in good spirits?
I ran into one of my favorite BPC personality’s today!
She’s my good friend Ellen. I ran into her riding  home from the office .We stopped and chatted for about 5 minutes. And off we went in opposite directions.Then I realized I wanted to get photos of her for the UMP Blog so I chased her down on the bike way.
Ellen is the Driving Force behind all the fabulous recreational events we have all Spring, Summer and Fall in Battery Park City and had nothing to do with removing Bicycle Racks!
She’s out there at running around coordinating everything from fishing programs with the kids to Harmony on the Hudson to the drum circle(our favorite) in Wagner park to the great music and dance performances on the promenade.
She also tends a beautiful garden right behind Stuyvesant H.S.
If you come by she’ll let you spray water it!
She knows every kid, dog and plant  in BPC!
I‘m sure you see her all the time.Now that you know who she is, don’t worry about waving to her!
I might have harassed her so much that she started riding just to shut me up.
I think she’s laughing with me?
Thanks for all the great work you do with the kids!
(((Yes,my funny shaped bicycle slides through wind)))

Stay Warm & Safe
It’s a great ride!

Nice New Yorker?

Central Park Today…..Breaking Story!
New Yorker Takes photo of me, Just by asking!


Great day in the park. 23 degree’s,Bright Sunshine and No WIND!
To the Italian on that Fabulous Carbon PINERELLO!
Thanks for the ride!

18 Degrees and Shopping

 In an attempt to get some riders out for a spin I posted a ride on Facebook. I got one response but way too late.

So I decided to go shopping. I love taking the Organic Engines Pedicab Trike! Man, Dan makes one amazing machine. Thanks Dan. I could probably shop 4 four family’s with that thing and its so much fun to ride!

My hands froze getting these pictures and apparently the lens must have fogged when I left the store,they always ask, DELIVERY!
No thanks ,always gets some pretty funny looks walking out with 3 or 4 bags that weigh about 75lbs!

I roll right up to the front door of my building and unload ,next to me there are usually others unloading as well from their S U V’s ! 
Guess I seem pretty ridiculous to them

I can’t believe the lens was fogged 

Lots of Goody’s
Shopping can be
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