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A/SYMMETRICAL Views – Hudson River Bikeway


Here are three more images from my bike rides along the Hudson  River. I  have a blog in development and when it is ready I’ll send you the link to post on your blog.
The captions are below right on each image. They are montages which I call A/SYMMETRICAL.

For a better view CLICK each image!

A/SYMMETRICAL – RIVER RIDEs. photography: © Mark Berghash, 2007 – 2008

Love Our Longbikes Recumbent Tandem!

Longbikes Recumbent Tandem NYC and Martha’s Vineyard!

My wife and I received a great wedding gift about ten years ago.
A Longbikes Recumbent Tandem!

Our Longbikes Tandem with Easy Racer Seat, Bars and S&S couplers

Several of our friends put their resources together and purchased it with the help of Johannes at NE Recumbents. At the time we lived in a NYC loft in Manhattan.We had a freight elevator to bring it in and out of our space and loved riding it all over the city together. Since then we’ve had an edition to the family, my son Jackson. At first I installed a baby seat on the rear so we could all ride together .As my son got older(7 years old now) I was finally able to ride him in the rear seat of the Longbikes Tandem with his legs up on the main tube.This is our favorite vehicle for getting around NYC!

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The Longbikes Recumbent Tandem is super smooth and just ROCK Solid, I can hardly tell that anyone is sitting back there.I just love riding it with him! I ordered the tandem with S&S couplers(good thing).
I was always very weary of un-coupling it ( the bike is ten feeeeeeet long).

Longbikes Goes to Martha’s Vineyard

Well last year I really Really wanted to bring it to Martha’s Vineyard especially after discovering that Jackson was just getting a tad heavy for my Burley Piccolo Trailer bike. I gave the Piccelo a test run after not riding all winter and his weight was pulling me all over the place,so I decided its time to break down the Tandem and see if I could get it on a regular trunk style bike rack!

I did a trial run of this procedure in the street one day while moving my car for alternate side parking. I rode up to our car got ready and with my heart beating rapidly, wondering if I was ever going to get this thing uncoupled,on the rack and back together again. I began to unscrew the S&S couplers that had not been touched for 10 years! As soon as I unscrewed them the bike just came apart,one half in my hands and the other flat on the ground.Needless to say this made me sweat and very nervous.
Next step
Fold the two half’s together which I found out would mean taking the front seat off.
Next step
I un-did the cables, folded the bars down and strapped the two halves together using an old pair of nylon toe straps, Whew!
Next step
Bench press it up over my shoulders and onto the car rack,then secure it!

Recumbent tandem with Trailer …..

Just like you requested!

I can’t believe it I got it on the bike rack and secured, wish I had taken pictures!

Well that was the easy part.
I took it back down and tried to couple it back together with it lying in the street.Well lining up the two main tubes was just not happening.I tried everything I just could not get them to line up! There I was covered in sweat,clothes sopping wet, frustrated and totally tweaked out trying to line it all up.I finally realized that I needed to get it back on the bike rack and line it up that way, it worked !
I was able to put it back together.

Riverside Park

I did it, figured out how to get my TEN foot looooong Tandem on a rack with my wife’s Easy racer Tour easy. Now I’d be able to ride on Martha’s Vineyard with my son!

Martha’s Vineyard Family Campground

Having the Longbikes Tandem on Martha’s Vineyard was incredible and without a doubt worth all the trouble!

Here’s a little video of us riding in the State Forest Bikeway 
Martha’s Vineyard

I was able to ride all over MV island with my son without any problems like being pulled from side to side. The rear seat is so comfy that if he wanted to nap it wouldn’t be a problem. We were able to ride all over MV island with no fear.I even took some of the others for rides to the supermarket. It made our annual trip to MV a pleasure!
And after packing and uncoupling it a few times it became much easier!
Can’t wait to get back to Martha’s Vineyard!

We’ve also taken many trips in NYC. Here are some photo’s….

West 14th Street
Governors Island
That’s Johannes of NE Recumbents riding the Zigo Leader! 


Click Here!

Times Sq,NYC
Lower Manhattan
South Beach
Staten Island,NY

See you on The Vineyard…June 20, 2010

New Release From The New Yorker

 Women’s Cycling

New Butterfly Folding Recumbent

If you ride in NYC it’s hard not to notice all the folders!
Seems like they’re all over the place. This is a new Recumbent Folder that would be very useful to have in any big city urban area. Now there’s no excuse not to go Recumbent!

Everyone who rides recumbents knows how great they are- until you have to transport them. Their length & bulk just don’t fit into cars or onto racks very well. Air travel is especially challenging. I’ve designed & built a recumbent that rides like a typical short wheelbase bike but also folds up in about a minute to fit in the trunk of your car. With a little more disassembly, it will also fit in an airline legal suitcase for air travel without the oversize luggage surcharge- I’ve taken it to Germany (for the folding recumbent contest at SPEZI), Singapore, & to a tour in New Mexico. Specs of the bike are:

Weight: 33 lb (15 kg)

Wheelbase: 40” (102 cm)

Wheels: 20” front & rear (406 mm ETRTRO)

Gearing: 3 x 9, 22 to 103 gear inches

Frame material: Chrome-Moly Steel

Seat: Foam bottom, mesh back:

Seat slides 6” (15 cm) to fit X-seam range 40-46” (102-117cm

Folded size (quick fold): 38” x 27” x 18.5” (96.5 x 68.6 x 47 cm)

I’ve started a company (Butterfly Bicycles LLC) to go into limited production of my folder- customers welcome!

One of my bikes is on display at RBR in State College, PA;

Rich Sadler (

“The Ride to Martha’s Vineyard 2010″

Bicycle Goes over 80 mph!

April fools ?
Here are some links!

World human powered speed record – 53.43 miles in an hour

Crazy Fly Bike Guy

New Bicycle Blog !
Don’t K  I  L  L! the messenger,its from my friend and Crazy Fly Bike Guy, cyclist for life,
John H.
I’ve posted some articles about his messenger adventures. Here it is right from his own keypad!

Anti-bicycle bias of the NY Post! 

It never ceases to amaze me how far the NY Post will exaggerate a story for its propaganda value.  On March 18, 2010, the day after St. Patrick’s day,  they choose to give this dubious story almost a full-page of space.  As you can see from the headline, the Post implied that NYPD police commissioner Kelly bravely, and with much danger to his own safety, saved some poor woman from a vicious assault by a renegade biker.

Read on!

Moving Fast -Multi Purpose, NYC Cycling!

What Is Bike Culture?


 With an increasingly permanent network of lanes and legal access to office buildings around the city, the bicycle is becoming more entrenched as a mode of transportation. An entity no less mainstream than the United States Department of Transportation is on board, recently describing bicycles and pedestrians as “equals” to trains, planes and automobiles and encouraging further development of cycling infrastructure at the state and federal level.

Read On….



New Product…

Burley Travoy  –  The next step in moving cargo!

And shopping Too!


Burley has agreed to let me test the Travoy.

The Urban Mobility Project will be giving this new product a real inner city workout! Can’t wait to go shopping with it! 

It detaches from the bike to become a hand truck.The Travoy also has many different bag configurations to carry just about anything up to 60lbs! This should make Big City Life much more tolerable!




Billys Cargo Bike – NYC

I dabbled in the cargo bike business for a few years with Revolution Cargo/Rickshaws.We had lots of bakery’s as clients and constructed some very creative ways of transporting cupcakes and other baked goods.

For NYC delivery via UMP Small Haul click here….

 Billys Bakery’s new cargo Trike

Billy’s Bakery finally bought their own cargo trike for local delivery’s at the Tribeca location. They’re very excited about going Green. You may see their new cargo trike rolling around lower Manhattan!
These vehicles get the job done with ease!

For on demand local delivery in NYC 
UMP Cargo Service
via “The Urban Brute”

Cargo Bikes Make A Comeback

Cargo bikes are becoming much more common in NYC! Here are some that are new to the market!
sustainable design, green design, cargo bikes, sustainable transportation, alternative transportation, bicycling, cargo carrying bikes

Some cargo bikes are huge, like this Australian Trisled. This four-wheeled quadcycle is capable of moving huge loads on its massive two and half-meter long tray-top. The FlatBed Truck freight bike sells for a little over $4,000, so it’s for serious transporters only. Treehugger also showcased five cool cargo bikes and explored the future of cargo on bikes (and the present, too!)  feetz tricycle front box photo

sustainable design, green design, cargo bikes, sustainable transportation, alternative transportation, bicycling, cargo carrying bikes

Kid-hauling Cargo Bikes

Another form of cargo: kids. In the Netherlands they have this figured out thanks to Bakfiets, and they have built a kid carrying, cargo hauling, folding trike called the Feetz Tribike. These tried and true designs are being put to work every day, from Boston to Portland.

Feetz Tribike: The Kid Carrying, Cargo Hauling, Folding Trike

Spring Again

After riding on the insanely crowded bikeway on Saturday we decided to ride over the Brooklyn Bridge for a little peace and quiet!

When we got back to our block I noticed bikes stacked up at the local deli Cafe Express.As always I’m very curious where people rode from so I asked ….

They started at 181st Street and rode down the length of the Hudson River Greenway.I think they were going to be looping Manhattan.

Here they are having a great time resting up for the ride home ! I brought our Longbikes Tandem over and we took some photos. If you guys send me the photos you took I’d love to post them up here also!

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