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Ultimate Cargo Quad – COCO-MAT NYC

NYC Mattress Delivery by Bicycle!

WOW this this the Ultimate case of BED BIKES!
NYC Mobile Housing Unit, an apartment you can hook up to your bike and just take with you!
Only in NY!

I was cruzin the web and found this company in NYC! I went by to visit and offer my services….what ever that would be. Well I got a phone call that afternoon and scheduled a meeting with them for next Wednesday,Ill keep you posted!
Check this Double Cargo!
That’s what I’m talking about!
I wanna ride that thing!
You can see more Coco Mat  at ..

Cargo Bikes in the News

I added a new feature on Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC 

On the side bar in the upper right or click the link below!
Fed Ex
Launches in Paris!!!
Here’s the link!!

Push Me!

Worksman Cycles Today

Go Oil Independent…..
No Need to go Dutch! 
 Worksman USA 
Compact Pedi-Cycle is scheduled to be on as part of the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Catalog.
 WOW..I actually caught it on the Today Show! Its a real beauty and I’m sure very affordable.The price tag of a traditional pedicab would knock your socks off @ $4000 – $7000 USD
I wonder if Worksman would agree to give one a trial run in Battery Park City! I think once parents see how Compact and Easy it is to get kids around and go shopping they might actually purchase one!
These Trikes have a much slimmer profile than a traditional  pedicab which makes them extremely easy & fun to ride
Happy Pups
Sorry -its a little blurry – Ill see if I can get a better picture
Don’t forget how much cash you’ll save and the great health benefits!
  • Pick up the relatives at the Subway
  • Save $$$ and quit the Gym & Spinning classes
  • Lower your Health Insurance Rates
  • Save lots of money on Taxi’s and Public Transportation
  • Come and go whenever you want
One thing I’d like to see is weather(rain) protection….I think Ill give em a call!
If you need to get your kids around the neighborhood Pedicab style trikes are the hands down way to go..
I live in Battery Park City and use mine everyday!
Worksman USA

American Cargo USA!

Worksman USA
There has been a huge influx of cargo bikes from all-over sea’s.Yes, they are great bikes……

However Worksman Cycles is really getting into the cargo market. They’ve been making CARGO bikes and trikes Since 1898! There are so many Worksman Bikes around NYC that you probably can’t see em!

Look at any work trike or bike siting outside the grocery , I bet it’s a Worksman!

I’ve blogged many American cargo bikes in the past but finally noticed them when a neighbor asked about getting her child to school. I noticed that they make a great mini Pedicab, Really – I wish I had the place  I’d buy one tomorrow! 

These bikes are HALF the price of Imports and are beautifully made!

It’s truly the perfect Urban Mobility Vehicle!
Check it out “The Family Chariot Cycle” 

Here are some beautiful new products they’ve  put on the market right here in Queens,NY

From Wayne at Worksman

1) The First image is of the soon to be released Pendleton Wool Mills branded Worksman Cruiser, which is available starting Monday exclusively through Urban Outfitters.

2) Worksman Rat Rod Heavy Duty Tricycle

Both proudly made right here in Ozone Park NYC

You can see a new  Worksman  tricycle that was done in collaboration with  

  and will be part of the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Catalog.

Worksman TV spot….
The Today Show Oct 19  between 7AM and 9AM.

Hope too see more from them soon!

Stop buy the Worksman Home Page, you may very surprised !

And tell em UMP sent you!

THE SOLAR GONDOLA – NYC Cargo Messenger-Courier Service


Messenger Service Downtown Manhattan….

Small Haul NYC “We’ll really move ya!”

Are you tired of WAITING  for the trucker to get to you,just to move a 50lb box?
Sick of hearing that there’s NO PARKING anywhere and the whole city is stuck in a TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE?
Then getting charged for fuel and parking!!!

Gee, what to do?

Here’s a great  new concept ,  Trucking done with Cargo Bikes!
For Messenger service in Lower Manhattan,NYC 
I highly recommend  this amazing new Human Powered Courier 
Messenger service!



Creative Cargo Concepts and more!

Clear our insane Bike Lanes

Cycling use to be such a simple thing!!!!

Scott M Stringer
Borough President of Manhattan

Dear Friend,

After receiving numerous constituent complaints, my office studied bike lane use in neighborhoods throughout Manhattan. The verdict was clear: while bike lanes bring a tremendous benefit to New York City, misuse by all parties— motorists, pedestrians and cyclists —undermines their success. Over 22 hours my staff observed more than 1,700 infractions ranging from motor vehicles driving through the lanes and pedestrian use to cyclists going the wrong direction.

Today I announced the results of this unprecedented study, entitled Respect the Bike Lane and Clear the Path, and proposed several key recommendations to improve bike lane safety including increased enforcement, a public education campaign on dooring, and reserving parking spots for deliveries along commercial streets to discourage potential bike lane blockages

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on this or any other work my office is doing please do not hesitate to call 212.669.8300

From The Gothamist


Frankly My Dear….We Love Cargo Bikes!

The absolute Top of the line in Wine!!
Frankly My Dear….
Tales from behind the counter at Frankly Wines, a new(ish) downtown wine store

Guys You Need to Know if You Want to Open a Wine Store: A Delivery Guy

Delivery service is the bane of any small wine store. You want to offer the service to your customers because 1) they like it. 2) everybody else does so it’s necessary to be competitive and 3) you can sell more cases if customers don’t have to worry about how to get them home.

Bigger stores can have a stock/delivery guy on staff. But I’m not big enough to warrant that expense. Not yet at least. But my business has grown to the point that it’s inefficient to have my wine sales staff running around lower Manhattan with a hand truck. Not that that doesn’t still happen. But at some point, most wine stores eventually need another option. And that option is usually an outside delivery service.

To read the full article CLICK THE LINK HERE

To Order From
Frankly Wines 
 Tribeca, NY ..


For No Fuss Local Delivery

Urban Mobility Cargo Delivery
We burn Calories Not Fuel!
For Local Downtown Delivery’s – a guy you need to know!

Tree Huggers in the Santa Claus Parade

Lucinda 2010

Very sad news from Martha’s Vineyard

Lucinda Chandler
has passed away.

From my friend Dave

Lucinda was always a delight to be around. She brightened up the room with her presence and was with out a doubt the most positive human being I think that I have ever known.Never a complaint or a disparaging remark. Always a smile with that incredible twinkle in her eyes.
Information is very sparse at this time but I am greatly distressed to report that our Lucinda Chandler has passed away.
David Whitmon

My first meeting with Lucinda. I called her from NYC as soon as I found out about her tour company…We planned to meet on the island. I called her from the campground and she just happened to be passing by ,she was there in two minutes…We took photos of our first meeting, 

We had breakfast together the next morning she showed up on her Bacchetta?

I remember seeing her van all over the island and running into her constantly. We always waited for her whenever we saw her van.


 Waiting for Lucinda

We just loved meeting her!

Pride and Joy
 She will be missed!
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