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My NCN – Coffee with Burt.wmv

This video comes all the way from the UK. It’s from a FaceBook fan of small haul NYC
Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC

From Janyis Watson
here’s a video shot last weekend in my home town _ Brighton, UK

I love my cargo bike!! 

Our regular Sunday morning jaunt down to Brighton beach Starring  
Burt, the wire haired dachshund.

I acquired Burt – or he acquired me – a couple of years ago and he wasn’t able to keep up with the bike. I tried a trailer but he barked incessantly. He seems to like the xtracycle though. I’ve tried a few methods, but the baby bath is the ideal dimensions.
My boyfriend is a cycle courier, carrying loads. They also use trailers, cargo bikes and did have a maximus trike. He’s using a bullit at present. 

Thanks Janyis
I just love this stuff! 

Here’s an Update from Janyis ! 
A Great Fun Cycling blogspot is here…  
Farewell to Burt Blog 

coming this summer

The Ride to Martha’s 
The Ride to Martha’s Vineyard

Get ready! 

Urban Mobility Project – Not so Small Haul

Small Haul NYC 
Not so small!

Wow my first flatbed job!
That’s Mark the customer he chased me down on the bikeway last week and asked if I’d do the job for him. Didn’t know these things weight close to 200lbs! When we tried to get it on the dolly we could barley lift it 2 inches off the ground.

We finally got it loaded from the side….cause we were worried about flipping the trike by putting all that weight on the rear!


Mark rode behind making sure all was OK and giving a nice boost once in a while by pushing !.

We arrived at west 86th st intact , was a very slow ride but not as bad as I thought it would be…Organic Engines SUV is totally amazing!!!

 Yes We Can!
For cargo service in Lower Manhattan/Battery Park City/Tribecca/Soho
Urban Mobility Cargo Bike Delivery NYC

Better late than never
Thank You!
To all the 
out there!

 Training in Iraq
one of my favorite photos


John Tetz
Velonaut, Recumbent rider ,builder , Visionary and the Letter “()”

Roxbury artist turns the ‘O’ into an artform

Pouring Today

Thinking about investing in a real winter weather solution anyone have any experience with either of these products?

Veltop seems like it can really get the job done!
Leave a comment or em me if you have any experiance with either of these

Sit Down & Roll Over !

 W O W
 ROAM 2011!
Velomoble’s United and rolling right over US this summer!
Greetings Shelly:

David Whitmon initially alerted me to your blog. It’s a great read and puts me back in touch with a city I had visited often when in College upstate 30 years ago.

Here’s a project you might have heard about: A velomobile tour across the United States in the summer of 2011. Imagine over 40 of those machines David is flying over MV riding from Portland to Washington in 30 days.
All details here:

Maybe you would want to share this with the NYC biking community.

Best, Josef

Josef Janning
Tour Captain ROAM 2011
Weberstr. 11
53113 Bonn


Funny thing about the perception of speed with no motor, I could tell someone that my bike can cruise at 
40 mph
They just laugh …the public just can’t seem to make the connection!
I might as well say it goes 
80 mph!
Wonder if that would get a bigger laugh?


If you don’t have the time to roll with ROAM you still have plenty of time to sign up for  

 The Ride to Martha’s Vineyard

This Summer


I think the world would be a much better place if there were more Herman Munsters in it!

Aren’t I the Popular One

There is a massive amount of hoopla going on in NYC. Taking such a simple, fun, Eco easy way of getting from point A to B is causing a major UPROAR in NYC.

I’m not sure how cycling will handle all the attention it’s been getting!

New from the NYC Cycling Community, Ticket Blitz!

Cop Blocks Bike Lane 


Ticket Cyclists For

Not Using Lane

 the Link…

Organic Engines Pedicab

I love having my Organic Engines cargo trike…..

But boy do I miss my pedicab! Here are the last riders before the cargo conversion.
I went to a playground in Williamsburg to visit the in -laws as usual all the kids in the playground ran out and climbed in!

Taking Jackson to school on the cargo box!
Two kids that just jumped on!

Pick up at school!

I can still ride kids on the back but its just not the same!

Just in case you’d like to order one

Metro Ped – In Bookstores Now!

Harvard Bookstore Delivers via Metro Ped Leg Power

The Ride to Martha’s Vineyard!

I know it’s early……This is the bicycle tour you’ve been waiting for  
NYC to Martha’s Vineyard!

This winter is going to fly by so I thought I’d pop up a little reminder that   (here’s the link)
The Ride to Martha’s Vineyard 
will be taking place next summer possibly on two different dates!
Stay in touch! After having such a great time on the vineyard ,ferrying home was so easy,defiantly the way to get back!

Ride Up and ferry back Down to NYC on Seastreak!
Hope to see you on the ride!

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