Christmas Gridlock Fun

Christmas Traffic was so tight in NYC today, I thought Id cheer up some of the drivers…..

By the way it was about 60 degree's!

Going nowhere - stuck in time!

This guy had his window rolled down,as soon as I took out my camera he got a little nervous



















Where’s all the Hanukkah Traffic?

Kickstart Spin/Small Haul NYC

Just a great stretch of weather the last two weeks…Here are some NYC scenes I caught got while you were at work!

OWS Cowboy

CNN carrying a bicycle with them at OWS








Marathon runners enjoy the view











Peace and Quiet almost










Runners were all over downtown sporting their Marathon Medals. I asked the group sitting on the bench(above) how they liked Running NYC for the day. Seems they are not that fond of entering Manhattan….  Brooklyn is King!

I totally understand why!


One of my happy customers…..Puro Chile

One year anniversary

Puro Chile Participates in Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar

Although this isn’t the actual pod used in the rescue was still exciting to see it at

Puro Chile

221 Center Street,



Camilla will be happy to help you! She also invited me to get into the pod for a picture, just in to big of a hurry!











Good use of a car in NYC





























Midtown traffic continues to be an absolute  NIGHTMARE especially on the east side. What happened to that incredible Don’t Block the Box campaign? Is it possible drivers read it WRONG and are doing the best they can to BLOCK the BOX? I sat through two GREEN lights before I was able to squezzzzze through!









Finally some Peace and quiet.

I know it may be hard to believe but the East Side Bike way is a great place to get away from it all!

Love riding the East Side Bike way


















Small Haul NYC…..Powered by Joulebody/Kickstart.

New bar from Joulebody Soul Kitchen

Good luck Yvette!

Brownie Power














Greenspeed gets into NYC Marathon


Got a call from my friend Robert Matson of NYC Recumbent Supply asking if I’d deliver Denise her trike.

Urban Mobility Project/Small Haul delivered this beautiful Greenspeed trike to Denise yesterday!

Good Luck on your ride!

Run or Cycle?

(Greenspeed Magnum runs in NYC Marathon)

So last year, after a lot of campaigning, Denise Lanier, a former Triathlete, now disabled with MS, won the right to compete on a recumbent tricycle. Read on…here

Under Cover

Small Haul NYC – Under Cover… Bent riders in NYC come down and give the Ragtop a try.

Really makes riding in the rain much less of a challenge!




























Nice and Cozy!

Call the number on the rear of box to reach Small Haul NYC @ the Urban Mobility Project!

Come with your bent and take the Ragtop for a spin!

You can purchase your Ragtop right here!


Cycleyes’d in Purple – NYC Scenes

CycleEyes’d on my Sunday Night Kickstart Spin!

What I thought was a Recording Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Turned out to be World Famous Asylum Studio Tattoo’s. Great meeting you guys!

Tattoo in NYC this is the place!

For Mothers Day?

Free water in Union Square, I guess nobody knows. Maybe people think its for horses?










Tour Bus getting a ticket on South End Avenue


I wonder how many of their customers would dare take a ride in the street?

Wish I could have hauled this stuff home from Williamsburg

They have a nicer couch than I do.




























Ran into Adam Purple riding his bike up Bedford Avenue. In case you’re wondering he looked great, in his 80’s!

I called his name and he stopped for a chat…

I tried to get a photo but memory was all full. This photo is from The Circle be Unbroken








Remember The Garden? Watch the video really sad.

Cycling around NYC is so much fun!


Looking Up!

I know why I love crossing bridges so much…


That's the new Carousel down there










Looking Up





For the Slightly Bent

I finally installed my Ragtop Canopy on the Urban Brute the recumbent trike that I use for Small Haul NYC cargo bike service in lower Manhattan. I was able to install the Ragtop in high winds and driving rain by myself. It took about 15 minutes to get it all lashed down and ready to go.









I was really happy to have finally installed it on the Urban Brute, yet a little weary about going out in the really stormy weather that we often get in Battery Park City, but it held up really well.

I can highly recommend this product for any of you that are slightly bent. With the addition of a front fairing you should be able to ride in anything Mother Nature dishes out!

If you’d like to give one a test ride on your own bike, by appointment, come down with your Bent and I’ll install it for you! Use it for a couple hours and see how you like it.









You can purchase the Ragtop Canopy right here on our website!









Oh yeah… BTW

If you’re in Downtown Manhattan and are in need of a local delivery feel free to contact Small Haul NYC through this website as well!

No need to go Dutch – Urban Mobility Project

Here are some products we might be making available to you in the near future.

The Long John

Kyle is a cargo bike builder from Human Powered Machines in Oregon. He’s come to NYC to set up shop and start production of the Long John Child/Cargo Carrier. Not only did he come to NYC he rode one of his Long John’s here from the west coast!

We are discussing partnering and getting his product out on the market in NYC this spring! The Long John is made in USA. It’s way lighter and much less expensive than the Dutch version.

Contact us at Urban Mobility Project for more info such as custom child box and weather protection!
























We also got a visit from AZUB Recumbent, well established  in the Czech Republic. Looking to build a state side presence. They showed up with a double suspension two wheeler and a very speedy looking fold-able trike!

Great Weather for a Ride

Pedestrian safety monitors on Brooklyn Bridge?

These couple of days have brought everyone out on the bikeway. From cargo bikers to the physically challenged!

You can take your family anywhere with the right cycle!

They figured out how to get out on bikes – Great set-up!

Look inside the trailer!

Hand-Cyclists on their way, cool Trikes...Central Park - NYC

Friends from Nahant, MA – on the EZ Tandem in Central Park


Even though I was out with friends and family I just couldn’t resist snapping some photos!

Thrilled MS rider completes 15 mile ride on our EZ3 Trike.


















Everyone getting along - Times Square - NYC



Cargo Bikers!

I always see black car drivers spending the whole day sitting and waiting for their masters, all day long. Some of them even a sleep. I always thought I should offer to rent them a bike for an hour or two!

Why long-haul truckers are turning to bikes, and spandex


Truckers now have an alternative to sitting around a truck stop. A movement to encourage them to ride bikes as an antidote to their sedentary life is gaining speed. Scott Grenerth owns and operates an 18-wheeler, which he drives cross-country hauling thousands of pounds of cargo. His truck also carries something lightweight, which most truckers don’t carry: a bike.

Read more…

Next thing you know they’ll be using Cargo Bikes to do inner city deliveries!

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