Rockways need help from the whole country!



Amazon right to Rockaways..

This is from my friend Jackie Junttonen who I delivered supplies to in SI;

Please take a moment to read and offer help if you can (this message is from a close friend, Marina Tsaplina via Abbey Hurtz)

We just got back from a day helping in the Rockaways with Burke Veronica and Contessa….It is crazy there. Everyone is just so cold and so hungry and so tired of canned food and snacks.

Babies are really suffering the most. There is no way to heat a bottle so they have to deal with cold formula, when there is even formula and bottled water available. They all have the wrong size diapers because only certain sizes can be found and it’s not like they can communicate back and forth to get right sizes. Today we pumped water out of the basement for a mom that had one month old twin premature babies that desperately need to be on a nebulizer several times a day. But there’s no power, no hospital, and no clinic. Her babies’ lungs sound awful. I found a few infant diapers for her and HoY gang brought over some formula that will last them 24 hrs or so for two newborns. They also have twin 2 year olds next door, their cousins. They were drinking the last of their vitamin D milk that was already starting to go off and crying because they were hungry. It is just heartbreaking. Women also need tampons and pads. No one is thinking to donate them much yet, and women need these things!! Especially with no hot showers!! Everyone needs blankets. They are so cold at night. Everyone needs extra flashlights and batteries. And everyone is VERY appreciative of hot food. I am PISSED that so many people in Brooklyn are going about their business as usual (especially the ones that don’t have day jobs or families!!!), going to the bar drinking, and complaining about STUPID sh%t when there is real suffering going on. Another family we helped pump the water from their basement had to throw everything away. Everyone’s cars are trashed. Their family heirlooms are trashed. Their furniture, baby cribs, mattresses, etc are trashed. They have no power. It is WET and DIRTY. There is no end in sight. Please donate items, money, and YOUR TIME. Helping hands willing to get dirty are so sorely need
What you can do….
Occupy Sandy and Occupy Sandy’s Wedding Registry
Shipping Address: Occupy Sandy – Brooklyn, New York
Event Date: November 15, 2012
Amazon right to Rockaways..

Eight Trailer Loads of Relief


Little movie clip made by Rod Richardson of 21st Centrist.

He was on the boat with us going to the Unitarian Church. I rounded up 7 other cyclists for a releif effort for SINY!

Can’t figure out how to connect word press with youtube

so here’s the Link…


Relief for Staten Island

We mobilized and delivered eight bicycle trailer loads of supplies to the Unitarian Church in Staten Island.

South Beach was my favorite new getaway from weekends in Manhattan its probably gone now its also the last thing I blogged before this!

Here are some photos of our efforts…Thanks to all that joined me!

If any of you are in Manhattan you may be able to join us tomorrow Sunday Nov 3, all you need is a bike and trailer!

Just find “Shelly Mossey” on Face Book for info!

Getaway Free NYC Vacation!

I spent the day at NYC’s new hot spot  South Beach ,Staten Island, NY. Just a 20 minute ferry ride and a 30 minute bike ride and I was away from it all, kinda on vacation for an hour or two!

That’s less than one hour and here you are!


that’s driftwood in the photo not garbage!

The ride to the beach is just great.I always go  through my secret entrance just on the left as you are exiting the ferry terminal.I ride along the waters edge with almost no traffic onto the back roads of Staten Island!

Through the main gate of Ft Wadsworth and up and under the Verizanno Bridge to another secret pathway through the woods and right onto the Beach Bikeway!

Here’s an entrance to a private beach!


The beach was empty I thought i’d test the water so I parked the bike and went over the waters edge.

I was stunned to see clear water.Is this possible in NYC?

I just had to go in to my knees ,wow its really clean….Here’s the proof!



It just didn’t make any sense to me at all, clean water in Staten Island?

You’re all welcome to join me the next time I go and I plan on going many more times!


Impressed Yet?

I was out riding getting ready to enter Central Park and Bazzingah!

Even I was impressed buy a real aircraft mounted on two columns spinning around at 59th Street and 5th Ave!

Cargo Xtreme-Not so Small Haul

Good to have friends that are as nutty as I am. After seeing this monster set up out on the road I just had to set up an Alliance with Aqueduct Logistics…

Another happy cargo biker!

What a rig,this guys not messin around!

Dream Machine,this guy has a great imagination!

Bike Snob Gets Bent!

Last week I took Grant Petersen owner of Rivendale Bicycles and author of a great new cycling book “Just Ride” out for a ride through Manhattan streets up to Central Park. Little did I know he had a date with the Snob himself. He asked if he could borrow one of my bents ,so off he went to meet the Snob on a Rans Tailwind Recumbent..check out the blogs!

Bike Snob Gets Bent?

Is it real or Photoshop?





The Bike Snob Blog…



Human Powered Humans of New York

From “Humans of New York” Facebook Page!

I was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge when I noticed this missile coming toward me at a very high speed. In the hope of providing my Facebook Group with a fleeting moment of aesthetic pleasure, I disregarded all concern for my life and planted myself directly in the missile’s path. Luckily the missile veered away at the last moment. As it passed, the rider shouted these words: “COO COO! CAH CAH! WOO HOO!” — with what is this??

Human Powered Machines!

Jan asked that I post this for him.I bought one of his bikes years ago when I was a in the Bike Messenger/Trucking Biz. Moving trucks around NYC was just a nightmare so I gave the Long Haul Cargo a try and never looked back!

If you want to learn the skill of building these amazing machines here’s your chance!

Family of Cycling!

Wow, I past this family on the bike-way at west 30th street this morning.I had to turn around and get a few pictures.I don’t know where they’re  from and didn’t want to start asking a million questions,so I just took a few pictures for you guys! They were waiting and waiting and waiting to cross.

They thought there’d be a bicycle signal!

I had to rescue them

Waiting to cross the West Side Hiway



He's really checking me out!

On the way to Central Park exiting the bikeway west 30th street NYC

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