Urban Mobility Project shows New Yorkers and their visitors how to keep a low profile while staying healthy and working on that environmental thing!

Not even snow keeps Shelly from his appointed rounds!

I am Shelly Mossey, founder of Urban Mobility Project. Cycling since the age of six. Never got off my bike. I became a bicycle messenger in the 80’s for Can Carriers, started Born to Run Bicycle Messengers a few years after. I guess I made an unconscious decision to use my car as little as possible in New York City until I just eventually got rid of it.

I’ve bicycle toured all over the States including Alaska, and Hawaii! I also made it to the jungles of Mexico. As far as Europe I’ve only made it to France.

I’ve always been a Cycling Commuter in New York City from Manhattan, Queens and Fort Lee, NJ. My wife makes fun of me because I hardly know how to navigate the subway!

I hope to enlighten all of you with this blog. Cycling is not just about Racing and Light Bicycles. If you travel the blog and use the search box, you’ll find bicycles and people from all walks of life. The uses for these incredible machines are endless especially in an urban environment like NYC!

My Favorite place to ride is without a doubt Martha’s Vineyard. My favorite bicycle trip is riding from NYC to Martha’s Vineyard! Second Favorite place to ride is Manhattan!

Have fun on the blog. If any of you have some interesting story to share feel free to email me!

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