We are trying to keep Citibike from just taking our Bike Rack with almost no notice!!
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I would like to create awareness to the following unacceptable situation.

As you know The City Bike Share Program have been placing their racks throughout the city over the last few weeks.
A great program with many perspectives for New York CIty.
Until the fact that they decided to use a place that has already an existing bike rack that is being used by active bike riders,
all Gateway Plaza tenants. The rack is located at the North Wall of the 395 South End Ave building. Not official Gateway Plaza property.
We have been told, see attached photo, that we need to remove our bikes within this week. to other bike racks on gateway Plaza property, that are all full(.See picture)
Or, as discussed at the Community Board meeting,  that their will be new rack build on Gateway property.
It turns out that Gateway Plaza management is NOT creating a new rack since there is no room for additional racks on the property.

We are all outraged by the fact that they just take our rack while there is plenty of room throughout the city where they can place theirs.
And that there was false information being told that there will be a replacement rack build.

Would you be so  kind to pitch this story , and hopefully cover it to support the keeping of the rack for long term community members?

Gateway Tenant and Cycling Advocate. You can send them a message on Citi Bikes

thank you so much for your time.