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Bicycles and tricycles adapted gaining ground in the United States

Families are leaving the car in the garage and using bicycles and tricycles around the local transport that can be done pedaling.

Spot Orlando Jorge Moreira andNew York, USA

In the United States, a kind of cheap and free shipping pollution is gaining space on the streets. Bicycles and tricycles are adapted to carry everything.

“It is a cultural revolution.” So the filmmaker Liz Canning describes what she calls the explosion load of bikes.

Meet the project Liz Canning, ‘More Less Car Go’

In many places in the United States, especially on the Pacific coast, families are leaving the car in the garage and using bicycles and tricycles stepped up to take the kids to school, shopping and even changes, all local transport that can be done pedaling. In general with a little help of electric motors, to climb slopes.

The exercise is good for health, for children is a binge, and the planet thanks: less pollution. Liz is making a documentary about the adoption of cargo bikes, using the internet to receive donations and videos I’ve ever joined.

It is a market that is already worth $ 6 billion per year in the United States. Almost all cargo bikes are imported from Europe, where they are much more used. The only plant these special vehicles in the United States is in New York. The Worksman was founded 115 years ago and produces ten thousand bicycles cargo per year.

In the 20s of last century, the Worksman was a very small company when it was commissioned to do tricycles. The client was the manufacturer of a new brand of ice cream, Good Humor, and the idea was to sell ice cream on the streets using tricycles. The fad caught on, and soon the United States were taken by an army of ice cream pedaling down the street.

Wayne Sosin, factory owner, shows all stages of assembly of the tricycles. Many components are imported from China, as the reinforced hoops required for vehicles capable of carrying hundreds of pounds. The parts are welded, painted and assembled.

Tricycles are heavy, slow, not very pretty, but they serve well the main function: replace vans and trucks on local transport small loads. The price is affordable: the cheapest is $ 800.

On the streets of New York found Shelly Mossey, who deliver pedaling. It loads up to 300 pounds. Shelly works alone and is a pioneer, but are already emerging cooperatives cargo bikes in New York. It’s the future, a cultural revolution.