I spent the day at NYC’s new hot spot  South Beach ,Staten Island, NY. Just a 20 minute ferry ride and a 30 minute bike ride and I was away from it all, kinda on vacation for an hour or two!

That’s less than one hour and here you are!


that’s driftwood in the photo not garbage!

The ride to the beach is just great.I always go  through my secret entrance just on the left as you are exiting the ferry terminal.I ride along the waters edge with almost no traffic onto the back roads of Staten Island!

Through the main gate of Ft Wadsworth and up and under the Verizanno Bridge to another secret pathway through the woods and right onto the Beach Bikeway!

Here’s an entrance to a private beach!


The beach was empty I thought i’d test the water so I parked the bike and went over the waters edge.

I was stunned to see clear water.Is this possible in NYC?

I just had to go in to my knees ,wow its really clean….Here’s the proof!



It just didn’t make any sense to me at all, clean water in Staten Island?

You’re all welcome to join me the next time I go and I plan on going many more times!