Wow Gateway Plaza announced a one bicycle Per tenant….or  Two per couple limit!

With NYC doing everything it can to promote cycling in every way possible this seems kind of absurd. Just  another fight   to be car free in NYC! I have many different bikes all for different purposes Road,Cargo,City Cruiser,Child carrier, Tandem ,Trail a bike, My wife has two bikes, my son has two bikes whats the big deal, we use them all!

I have to wonder why it seems such a problem for so many.Yea there are lots of  abandon bikes all over the place so get rid of em and make room for people that ride on a daily basis! I’ve made several attempts to take over the racks and make them more usable and orderly with no response from management!

New York is a great cycling city and all but as cycling becomes more and more popular the opposition seems to get stronger and stronger!

Riding a bicycle use to be so simple!

BTW..The mess of Black Cars parked all day long all over the place – doing nothing  but waiting ,don’t seem to bother anybody!

Why are bicycles so threatening!