Just a great stretch of weather the last two weeks…Here are some NYC scenes I caught got while you were at work!

OWS Cowboy

CNN carrying a bicycle with them at OWS








Marathon runners enjoy the view











Peace and Quiet almost










Runners were all over downtown sporting their Marathon Medals. I asked the group sitting on the bench(above) how they liked Running NYC for the day. Seems they are not that fond of entering Manhattan….  Brooklyn is King!

I totally understand why!


One of my happy customers…..Puro Chile

One year anniversary

Puro Chile Participates in Travel & Leisure Global Bazaar

Although this isn’t the actual pod used in the rescue was still exciting to see it at

Puro Chile

221 Center Street,



Camilla will be happy to help you! She also invited me to get into the pod for a picture, just in to big of a hurry!











Good use of a car in NYC





























Midtown traffic continues to be an absolute  NIGHTMARE especially on the east side. What happened to that incredible Don’t Block the Box campaign? Is it possible drivers read it WRONG and are doing the best they can to BLOCK the BOX? I sat through two GREEN lights before I was able to squezzzzze through!









Finally some Peace and quiet.

I know it may be hard to believe but the East Side Bike way is a great place to get away from it all!

Love riding the East Side Bike way


















Small Haul NYC…..Powered by Joulebody/Kickstart.

New bar from Joulebody Soul Kitchen

Good luck Yvette!

Brownie Power