I finally installed my Ragtop Canopy on the Urban Brute the recumbent trike that I use for Small Haul NYC cargo bike service in lower Manhattan. I was able to install the Ragtop in high winds and driving rain by myself. It took about 15 minutes to get it all lashed down and ready to go.









I was really happy to have finally installed it on the Urban Brute, yet a little weary about going out in the really stormy weather that we often get in Battery Park City, but it held up really well.

I can highly recommend this product for any of you that are slightly bent. With the addition of a front fairing you should be able to ride in anything Mother Nature dishes out!

If you’d like to give one a test ride on your own bike, by appointment, come down with your Bent and I’ll install it for you! Use it for a couple hours and see how you like it.









You can purchase the Ragtop Canopy right here on our website!









Oh yeah… BTW

If you’re in Downtown Manhattan and are in need of a local delivery feel free to contact Small Haul NYC through this website as well!