CycleEyes’d on my Sunday Night Kickstart Spin!

What I thought was a Recording Studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Turned out to be World Famous Asylum Studio Tattoo’s. Great meeting you guys!

Tattoo in NYC this is the place!

For Mothers Day?

Free water in Union Square, I guess nobody knows. Maybe people think its for horses?










Tour Bus getting a ticket on South End Avenue


I wonder how many of their customers would dare take a ride in the street?

Wish I could have hauled this stuff home from Williamsburg

They have a nicer couch than I do.




























Ran into Adam Purple riding his bike up Bedford Avenue. In case you’re wondering he looked great, in his 80’s!

I called his name and he stopped for a chat…

I tried to get a photo but memory was all full. This photo is from The Circle be Unbroken








Remember The Garden? Watch the video really sad.

Cycling around NYC is so much fun!