Three island hop right here in NYC!

Waiting for the ferry

Sizing up the Gold Rush. Wall Street Pier

I was so thrilled with the NY Waterway’s East River Ferry that I insisted my family come for a Labor Day ride!

Tearing Jackson away from baseball isn’t easy!

It’s a great way to escape the city. We ferried from Pier 11 to Dumbo and rode the new bikeway to Red Hook for lunch on the Fairway patio overlooking NY Harbor!

We got a great bonus The Queen Mary was in town. We were able to ride right up to her without one tourist in sight!

Great View


Nice quiet street a long way from NYC!

Lunch on the Fairway patio

The Terminal in Red Hook


Old Rusted Trolley's

Bikeway to Fairway

Since it was a cloudy day there was hardly a wait at the Governor’s Island ferry from Brooklyn so we decided to go over,  loop the island and come home for free!

Cruising on Governor's Island

Queen Mary from Governor's Island

Governors Island is much more fun on a cloudy day, seems to keep the crowds away. I think our next ferry adventure will be the Kent Avenue bikeway in Williamsburg!

Really thrilled to have such a great way to exit the city with kids!