Small Haul NYC had a really FUN week with lots of miles…

Joulebody Kickstart…………………………………………………………………. goes a long way!

Last Wednesday I delivered JB cleanses to Jersey City and Long Island City with a delivery to West 73rd Street mixed in, that made it a great ride! I ferried to Jersey City, back up the bike way to west 73rd through Central Park and over the Queensboro Bridge(sorry Ed) to L.I.C.

New bikeway at Queenboro Plaza

I dreamed about this 20 years ago!











The L.I.C. delivery was right by the East River Ferry so I thought why not give the ferry a try.

All secured in the rack






They took my long bike and trailer no problem, all I needed to do was unhitch the trailer, about a 30 second operation. The crew was really great and even helped!

I was thrilled to pay just $5.00 to get back to Pier 11 at Wall Street with stops at Greenpoint, Williamsburg and Dumbo!

Pulling into Greenpoint

The city by boat is very exciting and just a great way to travel, worth every penny. It also opens up  an amazing amount of possibilities for family cycling through the boroughs. All the ferry stops have bike way connections!

Next stop Wall Street










I love taking ferry’s, check out my Ride to Martha’s Vineyard



I also found myself going through Times Square,  I do my best to avoid it but sometimes it just can’t be helped.

Here’s something amazing ,

See anything unusual?

check this out….





Is this a first?








Just the worst …

I had a delivery to a 3 year old in NYU Hospital and popped the original balloon – I almost started crying! I called my wife to locate another Hello Kitty balloon. We found one right where I was so I went and bought it, when it was blown up I noticed it said “Happy Birthday”… they were good enough to modify it for me.

New Balloons

I raced to the  hospital to find out they don’t allow balloons in pediatrics!

The big one had a singing chip, it drove me freekin nuts. Every time it hit my head the singing started!






I finally had some down time so I took some friends out on the road for a short family ride to The Frying Pan…..

Following close to mom

Sporting new fllag

Happy baby girl

Mom on the road