Cargo Cowboy NYC Urban Adventure…

Trailer Fairy blessing the Cargo Caboose & Micro trailer!

Very excited about going to Williamsburg to pick up 25 cases of empty bottles for Joulebody Kickstart Cleanse!

I could only get 14 into the Cargo Caboose so I thought I better use the Urban Brute. I just love climbing the Williamsburg Bridge!

Nice setup

I saw this cool home made Cargo in Williamsburg and just had to stop to check it out.




All loaded, no problem





I’m sure they think I’m pretty strange at the warehouse. When I got there the manager came out, saw the Urban Brute, thew up his hands and said “That’s never gonna fit.” with a complete look of disgust and walked away shakin his head!

Well eXcuse me!

They have a great crew that loaded me in about 3 minutes.

Looking forward to climbing the bridge

Good thing I have friends in high places!

The art of going Slow is not for everyone







I always take the route home on East Broadway. So there I was siting at a red light, like any law abiding cyclist and some asshole started shaking my trike back and forth. So I turned around thinking I was going to be in some kind of ridiculous NYC type of confrontation but there was no one there?

There was a car next to me so I figured some asshole reached out the window and shook the trike -WTF- no big deal to me so off I went. I was approaching Chinatown and was wondering why everyone was outside staring at the tops of buildings?

Everyone out in Chinatown

Everyone out in Foley Square

Then I realized that a wave had went right under me! I could really feel it because of the three wheels on the ground, I could feel one wheel rise up at a time, pretty wild day in NYC.





Glad to find out that everyone was OK!