World Tour Pass on the Frog Tandem the Hudson River Bikeway

When they passed I thought it was the bike from Take a Seat the popular show on the Universal Sports Channel.

Of course I jumped on my bike and caught up to see who, what, where…

A couple from France, Angelique & Lionel starting their World Tour in NYC! This was their last ride in NYC before hitting the road, they were on the way to see the Statue of Liberty one more time before exiting Manhattan, not that easy with this rig. Of course I wanted to help as much as I could. Only Angelique spoke English so I pulled them over to look at maps and show them the way to the George Washington Bridge. Realizing it would be a major headache for them to cross the GW with the hairpin turns on the ramp and around the towers. They’d have to disconnect the trailer and walk around each turn. They also planned to go around the bottom of Manhattan and enjoy a trip to the GW on the east side bikeway, NOT!  I also knew they would have lots of problems exiting the west side bikeway with the insane killer hills and bridge that crosses the Henry Hudson Parkway at the north end!

Practicing unloading for the GW Bridge

I hope I convinced them to take NY Waterways Ferry to Weehawken and ride north to RT 9W and on to Niagara Falls.

They plan on being on the road for three years! We exchanged info and I wished them a great trip.

You can follow them at their blog here… FrogTandem

Resting at the North Cove Marina

I  heard from them via email they are in Pine Bush, NY.

Angelique & Lionel on the Hase Pino

Checking Maps