Had a couple of problems getting to Brooklyn yesterday. The bike lane on the north side of the Manhattan Bridge is closed so I had to use the south side. When I got to the south side the barriers were just too close together to fit through. I refused to go and swap for my trailer. So I very calmly flipped the Urban Brute on its side and with the help of another cyclist was able to slide it through the barriers!

Having a nice easy ride over the bridge

As I was heading down the bridge I realized it must be the same on the other side. So I prepared myself to take the box off and flip it again.

Glad I'm not wedged in!

NYC Cyclists are pretty funny, some of them told me I shouldn’t park there as they made the turn to get on the bridge! I decided to return on the Williamsburg Bridge. When I got there a construction crew had barriers on that bike lane as well, unreal! They were good enough to move everything so I could fit through and finally get back to Manhattan!

Rough day!

Finally able to get going