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San Diego Filmmaker Focuses On Parkinson’s Disease
The film’s trailer opens with Smith trading in his cane for a bike. He pulls it out of the garage and settles himself in, with all the accompanying movements and tremors that Parkinson’s inflicts on his body. The ride will demonstrate the power of keeping the body active and mind positive in the fight against Parkinson’s, and show that even though there’s no cure, the best antidote against succumbing to it’s effects is living life to its fullest.

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San Diego

Hello Shelly,
I want to thank you for sharing Ride with Larry on your blog and for all of your support! We truly appreciate it and hope that others can keep spreading the word and help to donate on kickstarter. We are working to establish a grass roots campaign among those who are passionate about curing Parkinson’s, interested in the power of cycling, and need or would want to see a story like Larry’s. We think those people can quickly get us to our goal, even in small amounts. We’ve been speaking to some amazing researchers in Belfast, the Netherlands, and elsewhere that are studying mobility/exercise and its correlation to Parkinson’s. They have been using Nintendo Wii game consoles and tandem bikes.

Per your question on the article; We would love to find ways of including others who want to help and of course publicity in blogs and articles is huge for us. Thank you again for your support! Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

Best Regards, Andrew

Ride with Larry
Andrew Rubin

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