Just a quick note!
I’m working on a week long Cycling Tour to Martha’s Vineyard.It’s custom made for all cycling The Ride to Montauk on June 19th 2010! I just want to see if you had any interest.So I posted a brief description as a stand alone page on the top of the sidebar…go have a look.
Heres a link to;
The Ride To Martha’s Vineyard

Welcome To Montauk
Vintage Quest Velomobile? 
Upright Trike
The Granery Gallery
County Road,Martha’s Vineyard,Ma.

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Thursday,February 25, 2010 

Snowstorm again!
Yes I rode today and so did Howie!

The Slick Rode Home.
Windshield covered
You can’t really tell from this photo but it was pouring down snow!
Tools for the Snow