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Cyclists Dedicate ‘Ghost Bikes’ To Accident Victims

Cyclists Dedicate 'Ghost Bikes' To Accident Victims
NEW YORK (WPIX) – New Yorkers are taking a brisk ride Sunday to honor the street’s fallen cyclists.
Cyclists, walkers, families and friends dedicated 11 “ghost bikes” memorializing accident victims Sunday.
Cyclists will ride through Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, stopping at 11 different accident sites. There, they’ll lay flowers and pay their respects to cyclists killed last year.
A memorial walk will also be held long a route through Greenpoint, Brooklyn, commemorating pedestrians and victims of traffic crashes.
According to Transportation Alternatives, 65 pedestrians and 10 cyclists were killed on city streets last year, with many more unreported incidents still to be factored in. In 2008, 147 pedestrians and 25 cyclists were killed on New York City streets.

There are TWO Ghost bikes on The west side bikeway in New York City.  

Dr. Carl Nacht, 56, June 22, 2006, hit by NYPD tow truck. Died of his injuries on June 26, 2006. 
At 37th street.

Eric Ng, 22, December 1, 2006, struck and killed by drunken driver
  • Hudson River bike path, near Clarkson Street, Manhattan
  • The drunk driver rode for over a mile on the no-cars-allowed Hudson River greenway before striking Eric
  • The driver was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and driving while intoxicated, the authorities said (New York Times, 12/3/2006)

This is Eric’s Ghost bike at Clarkson St on the Bikeway.
I was at his Memorial. Just to clarify ,the driver drove his car on the actual bikeway from Chelsea Piers all the way down to Clarkson street just north of Houston. 

I remember reading the story in total disbelief.

Eric’s Ghost Bike,
 Dec 19,2009

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